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The economy is difficult, but the bank still makes a profit of tens of thousands of billion VND

The first quarter business results showed that many banks made a profit of several hundred billion to more than tens of thousands of billion, depending on the scale of operation.

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In the context of the world economy having many fluctuations that negatively affect domestic production and business activities, shareholders of VPBank, Vietcombank, Techcombank, etc. are all interested in the first quarter business results of banks.

Vietcombank: Profit more than 11,200 billion in the first quarter

At Vietcombank's 2023 general meeting of shareholders held on April 21, the bank's chairman - Mr. Pham Quang Dung - said that by the end of the first quarter, the bank's credit increased by 2.5%, capital mobilization increased by more than 3.2%. These growth rates are higher than the general level of the system.

Net profit margin (NIM) improved compared to the end of last year, increasing by about 0.04 percentage points.

Individual profit in the first quarter reached VND 11,050 billion, and consolidated profit reached more than VND 11,200 billion, up nearly 14% over the same period last year and reaching 26% of the 2023 plan.

With this result, Vietcombank's management is confident to complete and exceed the set business goals in 2023.

Many banks continue to keep the profit target for the year

Bank loans will be deferred, keeping the group until the end of the year. Removing real estate obstacles to prevent risks from the banking system Difficult banking and economic growth Answering questions from shareholders about the first quarter business results at the 2023 general meeting of shareholders, Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh, general director of VPBank, said it reached about VND 4,000 billion.

With 4,000 billion profit achieved, the bank has only gone 1/5 of the way, but with this growth, the individual profit target of 22 trillion is still within reach.

"It's true that this is a difficult time, but we still maintain our goal. Our main growth drivers come from several strategic segments of retail, small, and medium enterprises. Two. This segment is expected to increase by 40% and 35% this year, respectively," said Vinh.

The next driving force that VPBank expects is the foreign direct investment segment with the support of its foreign partner, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Japan).

Sharing with shareholders at the 2023 general meeting of shareholders, SHB's general director - Ms. Ngo Thu Ha - said that in the first quarter, the bank's pre-tax profit was estimated at VND 3,600 billion, up 10% over the same period last year. 2022. With this year's profit target set at VND 10,285-10,626 billion, SHB has achieved 35% of the whole year plan.

In the newly announced Q1 financial report, Lienvietpostbank also said that after-tax profit reached VND 1,243 billion, down 11% over the same period.

Explaining this decrease, the bank said that due to the difficult world economic situation and many domestic fluctuations, which affected the business activities of many individuals and businesses in various economic fields, including the banking industry.

In addition, Lienvietpostbank also implements policies and packages to support interest rates for customers. The context of high input deposit interest rates should partly affect the net profit margin.

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