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Industrial zones and economic zones: Motivation to promote economic recovery and development

In 2023, the construction and development situation of Vietnam's industrial zones and economic zones in general and business investment activities in industrial zones and economic zones in particular will continue to grow and develop comprehensively; making an important contribution to promoting the country's economic and social recovery and development.

Industrial parks and economic zones in 2023

Regarding the development of industrial parks

In 2023, the country will have 13 more industrial park infrastructure investment projects whose investment policies have been adjusted/approved by the Prime Minister with a total area of about 3,858 hectares.

To date, the country has 416 established industrial parks (including 369 industrial parks outside economic zones, 39 industrial parks located in coastal economic zones, 8 industrial parks located in border gate economic zones) with a total natural land area of about 129,900 hectares. The total industrial land area is about 89,200 hectares.

Among the established industrial parks, 296 industrial parks have been put into operation and 119 industrial parks are under construction. The total area of leased industrial land in industrial parks nationwide is about 51,800 hectares, reaching an occupancy rate of about 57.7%. If we consider only the industrial parks that have come into operation, the occupancy rate is about 72.4%.

Regarding the development situation of coastal economic zones

In 2023, there are 3 economic zones that have been approved by the Prime Minister to adjust their general construction planning. Up to now, the country has 18 coastal economic zones established with a total area of 857,600 hectares, of which the land area is about 568,400 hectares (accounting for 1.68% of the total area of the country).

Accumulated by the end of 2023, there will be about 64,400 hectares of functional area land, agricultural, forestry and fishery land, and technical infrastructure land that has had infrastructure built. Of which, the total land area leased to implement production investment projects is about 21,300 hectares.

Industrial parks and economic zones across the country have created jobs for over 4.15 million direct workers, mainly concentrated in the Southeast regions and the Red River Delta.

To date, Vietnam's industrial parks and economic zones have attracted investment from about 150 countries and territories around the world. Foreign capital flows are present in most localities across the country, with large-scale investment projects from famous global brands, with advanced technology and high-added value such as Samsung, Panasonic, Microsoft, Foxconn, Sanyo, Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Intel, LEGO, LG, Kyocera, Doosan, Bosch Pengatron, Nokia, Canon …

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