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Financial data for public and private firm
Macro-economic data and industry research

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Corporate Financial database

Vietdata corporate platform covers registered domestic and foreign companies in Vietnam. It is a comprehensive research tool to help you search & screen the lists of potential partners/ suppliers/ customers in any particular sectors with various parameters or criteria.

Key features

Full financial data

Searching for any enterprise’s financial information by its name, tax code or registered number


Access the data of ownership structure of any firm and related companies with the same owner

Firm/Industry comparison

Compare financial data of firm in the same or different industries and compare industries in term of its scope and average ratios

Screening/ Filtering

Filtering enterprise by its sector, location, size and financial information

Macro database
& Industry research

Vietdata is the first non-state organization to build a complete and scientific database of Vietnam's macro-economic and various sectors.​

The database system includes all national socio-economic statistics, detailed to each province, city, and some key economic sectors. The data series are long enough to ensure the reliability of the study.

Data sources are published from statistical agencies and ministries, departments, branches and associations.

Data on macroeconomics, statistics, population, income and related fields of Vietnam

Statistical data of 63 provinces/cities of Vietnam

Statistical data for industries including manufacturing, services, trade...

Financial Market Data (banking, stock market, bonds market)

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Stocks Dashboard.png

Financial data of companies 
listed on Vietnam stock market

This dashboard helps you to download the financial data of companies listed on Vietnam stock market including  Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE), Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and UPCOM
Financial data is systematized to facilitate the selection of businesses and financial indicators to download so that you can get the data you need at the most convenient cost. Interface suitable for researchers,  students, and financial data analysts

Key features

Data series

Data series from 2007 to present time (more than 15 years)

Easy to use

Easily select financial indicators and data series with just a few click

1-time download or account

All listed companies

The system allows 1-time download or permanent access by a registered account

About 800 listed firms on HOSE and HNX, and nearly 900 companies registered for trading on Upcom

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