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Vietnam's construction ceramic production is among the Top 10 largest countries in the world

With current production capacity and technology level, Vietnam is one of the 10 largest construction ceramic-producing countries in the world. It is also the country with the 4th largest ceramic tile production.

ceramic tiles
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Ceramics is one of the construction materials that plays an important role in every construction project, contributing to the development of the construction industry in particular and the economy in general. On average, the ceramic manufacturing industry contributes more than 3 billion USD/year to Vietnam's GDP.

In addition to providing enough domestic market demand, Vietnam's construction ceramic products have been exported to many countries around the world such as the ASEAN region, Northeast Asia, America, and Europe; Of which, export revenue in 2022 will reach more than 220 million USD.

Facing the "remarkable" development in recent times, experts assess that in the past 20 years, Vietnam's construction ceramics industry has developed strongly in both quantity and quality.

Regarding the field of ceramic tiles, in 1994, in Vietnam, there was only one ceramic tile production line with a capacity of 1 million m2/year invested at Huu Hung Construction Ceramics Company under Viglacera Corporation with a production line designed equipment from WELKO (Italy).

Up to now, the strong participation of dozens of manufacturers such as PRIME Group, Viglacera, MIKADO, CMC, and NICE CERAMIC... has contributed to increasing the total capacity of Vietnamese ceramic tiles, including ceramic tiles, granite, and cotto tiles. he was reaching over 800 million m2/year.

The field of sanitary ceramics has also developed rapidly in recent years. Currently, the total designed capacity of sanitary ceramic production lines in Vietnam reaches about 26 million products/year. Most sanitary wares production facilities have modern, synchronous technology, and a high level of automation, reaching world an advanced level.

From 2015 until now, new investment lines have a design capacity of 0.6-1.2 million products/year. Along with the rapid output growth, Vietnam's production technology for construction ceramic products has also made rapid progress, helping to improve productivity, quality, and product diversification.

(Thoi bao tai chinh)


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