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Developing Ninh Thuan into the largest renewable energy center in Vietnam

Ninh Thuan has changed its development strategy, turned the disadvantages of sun and wind, and turned arid and rocky lands into solar and wind power farms to create clean electricity.

Ninh Thuan is known as the land of "lack of rain, excess sun, and wind" all year round. Although the climate is harsh, Ninh Thuan has endless potential that no other province or city in the country has.

To exploit this potential and advantage, Ninh Thuan has boldly changed its development strategy, turned the disadvantages of the sun and wind, and turned the arid and rocky lands into solar and wind power farms. generate clean electricity, ensuring energy for the country.

In order to realize the goal of becoming a renewable energy center of the country, and contributing to ensuring national energy security, Ninh Thuan province has taken bold steps associated with many right decisions to attract investment.

As a result, over the years, the "small desert" land has strongly attracted domestic and foreign "leading cranes" to invest in exploiting and developing renewable energy, gradually becoming a province in the top group. leading the country in renewable energy development with a total installed capacity of 3,475 MW.

According to the assessment of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Ninh Thuan province has abundant potential for solar and wind energy sources both onshore, onshore, and offshore; At the same time, it has the largest potential in the country for stored hydroelectricity. This is a very endemic factor that increases the value of a renewable energy center that cannot be found anywhere else in Vietnam.

In the period from 2021-2030 and the following years, Ninh Thuan Province identifies energy development as a key task, creating a source of revenue accounting for a large proportion of the provincial budget.

It is forecast that the national energy demand in the coming years will increase, the higher the risk of power shortage. Therefore, prioritizing the development of renewable energy for areas with great potential advantages in Ninh Thuan province is really necessary and always current; contributing to ensuring national energy security and creating favorable conditions to support and promote the socio-economic development of Ninh Thuan province, increasing the provincial budget revenue, and gradually balance the local budget.

The energy industry is a breakthrough

Ninh Thuan identifies the energy industry as a breakthrough, an important industry in the economic development of the province, especially clean energy including solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity; liquefied petroleum gas (LNG); synchronous investment in the transmission grid system; to build Ninh Thuan into a center of renewable energy and clean energy of the whole country; strive to achieve a capacity of about 26,500 MW by 2030, accounting for about 16% of the province's GRDP.

Ninh Thuan has the highest solar radiation in the country with radiation volume from 1780-2015 kWh/m2/year; the radiation difference between seasons of the year is not much; the total number of sunshine hours in a year reaches 2,500-3,100 hours/year, the highest in the country, except for rainy days, it can be said that more than 90% of the days in a year can be used for solar energy. The whole year has up to 9 months of sunshine, so Ninh Thuan is evaluated as the province with the largest solar energy potential in the country.

With the potential of solar energy, up to now, the whole province has 37 solar power projects approved by the province, conducting surveys, and planning projects, with a total capacity of 2543 MW, the land use area is about 3,515.43ha, total registered capital of VND68,688 billion. As of March 2021, there are 34 solar power projects put into commercial operation with a total capacity of 2,260 MW.

According to research by the World Bank (WB), Ninh Thuan is the province with the highest wind speed in the country. In particular, Ninh Thuan has few storms and the wind blows evenly for 10 months, so it ensures stability for wind turbines to generate electricity.

Currently, Ninh Thuan has 5 planned areas with a length of 105km for wind power production, with a total capacity of nearly 2,500 MW. Ninh Thuan's marine area has great potential for offshore wind power development, with an estimated total capacity of over 5,000 MW.

As of March 2021, the province has 17 wind power projects that have been approved by competent authorities to supplement the planning; 10 projects have been approved by the province to prepare additional survey dossiers; 14 projects have been put into commercial operation.

Along with wind and solar energy projects, hydropower projects have also contributed to enriching the power source for development in Ninh Thuan province.

Currently, the expanded Tan My, My Son, Thuong Song Ong, and Da Nhim hydropower projects have also been granted investment policies and have supplemented electricity development planning with a capacity of 1,429.8 MW.

Up to now, Ninh Thuan province has 8 small and medium hydropower projects in operation; 4 ongoing projects; One ongoing project is Bac Ai Hydroelectricity with a total capacity of 1200 MW (expected to be put into operation and put into operation by the end of 2028).

Vietnam is just about to enter the LNG import market, so finding a stable and diversified gas import source (imported from many different countries) is necessary to ensure supply security. fuel.

In the area of ​​Ca Na General Port, a Liquefied Natural Gas Power Complex is planned with a total capacity of 6,000 MW.

In addition, the location of Ca Na seaport adjacent to the area of the ​​​​6,000 MW gas power plant complex and Ca Na industrial park, will be convenient for arranging and processing technical solutions to convert liquefied gas sources efficiently. Optimum productivity, and high economic efficiency.

In addition, the Ca Na location is also located in the Renewable Energy Resource Center of the Central region, so the formation of the Ca Na LNG gas power complex contributes to the regulation and stabilization of regional power sources.

With the above favorable conditions, the exploitation and development of renewable energy sources including wind power, solar power, stored hydroelectricity, and gas power is potential and becomes a bright spot in Vietnam's energy industry. Ninh Thuan province to turn Ninh Thuan into a center of renewable energy and the largest clean energy in the country in the coming time, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province in particular and Vietnam in general.



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