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20-year journey of strong development with Industrial Parks in Bac Giang province, Vietnam

After 20 years of striving, building, and maturing, the organizational apparatus of the Management Board of Industrial Zones of Bac Giang province has continuously developed in both breadth and depth; affirming the role, effectiveness, and efficiency of state management activities in carrying out assigned political tasks; contributing to the province's industrial parks achieving encouraging achievements in attracting investment and developing industrial parks in particular, and economic and social development of Bac Giang province in general.

induastrial parks in Bac Giang province
Induastrial parks in Bac Giang province

Bac Giang Provincial Industrial Park Management Board - Achievements of 20 years of construction and development

From a difficult province with limited investment attraction, Bac Giang has now become a bright spot, attracting domestic and foreign investors. The outstanding development of Bac Giang province's industrial parks is evidenced by the results of attracting investment in many large projects of multinational corporations, such as Foxconn Group, JA Solar, Luxshare, Longi... and other projects. Hana Micron Vina Group's semiconductor manufacturing project is the first semiconductor manufacturing project that has come into operation in the Northern region.

Thereby, it has affirmed the important contributions of the Bac Giang Provincial Industrial Park Management Board in successfully implementing state management tasks and developing industrial parks in the province.

Outstanding marks of 20 years of developing industrial parks in Bac Giang province

Accelerate the planning and development progress of industrial parks

Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Viet Yen district is the first industrial park in Bac Giang allowed to be established by the Prime Minister in 2003, with an area of ​​98 hectares, and investment capital from the state budget. After 20 years of development, up to now, the province has had 20 industrial parks approved for planning with a total area of ​​nearly 4,600 hectares, of which 8 industrial parks have been approved by the Prime Minister for investment projects with a total area of ​​1,970 hectares. To date, 100% of industrial parks have been put into operation, the occupancy rate has reached 77% of the land area for lease.

With the province's economic development goal of making Bac Giang a key industrial province in a modern and sustainable direction, one of the industrial development centers of the region, the Bac Giang Provincial Party Committee has soon directed The Provincial People's Committee advises on the development of Provincial planning for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, and submits and receives the Prime Minister's approval of the Provincial planning in Decision No. 219/QD-TTg dated February 17, 2022. Accordingly, by 2030, Bac Giang province will have 29 industrial parks, with a land area of ​​about 7,000 hectares.

Determining the important role in attracting investment for the socio-economic development of the Province, the People's Committee of Bac Giang Province advised the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee to issue Plan No. 54-KH/TU on October 9, 2018. on the industrial development strategy of Bac Giang province until 2030, vision to 2035; Develop and promulgate a project to improve the efficiency of investment attraction in the province until 2030; Advise the Provincial Party Executive Committee to issue Resolution No. 147-NQ/TU dated July 15, 2021 on industrial development in Bac Giang province in the period 2021-2030, with the viewpoint: Consistency, perseverance, steadfastness viewpoint of promoting industrial development, taking industry as the main pillar and driving force to promote economic growth.

Thanks to that, in recent years Bac Giang province has achieved positive results in attracting investment, becoming a bright spot in attracting investment at home and abroad.

Currently, in industrial parks, there are 489 valid projects, of which: 374 FDI projects, total registered capital reached 9.6 billion USD, implemented investment capital is estimated at 7.1 billion USD, accounting for 74 % of total registered capital; 115 DDI projects, registered capital of 18,200 billion VND and estimated implemented capital of 11,700 billion VND, accounting for 64.2% of total registered capital.

FDI projects in the Province's industrial parks come from 15 countries and territories, mainly from countries and territories: China (166 projects), Korea (143 projects), and Singapore (21 projects). projects), Japan (19 projects)...

Industrial parks of Bac Giang province

Production and business enterprises grow and develop

Along with the development of industrial zones, the number of investment projects approved for investment in Provincial Industrial Zones and the number of businesses operating in Provincial Industrial Zones increased sharply, at the same time the production and business activities of the Provincial Industrial Zones increased dramatically. Enterprises in industrial zones have grown significantly each year, specifically:

In 2005, there were 10 enterprises operating in the Provincial Industrial Parks with a revenue of 65 billion VND, equal to 11.2% of the industrial density of the entire Province, creating jobs for 1,076 workers.

By 2010, the industrial parks had 77 operating enterprises with a revenue of 18,400 billion VND, accounting for 27.8% of the industrial production value of the entire province; The amount of tax incurred must be paid 128 billion VND, export value reached 161 million USD, creating jobs for 19,600 workers.

In 2015, industrial parks had 182 operating enterprises (an increase of 2.4 times compared to 2010), revenue reached 171,400 billion VND (accounting for 60% of the industrial production value of the whole province), and tax payable was 1,865 billion VND. , export value reached 7,000 million USD, creating jobs for 47,218 workers.

In 2020, industrial parks have 351 operating enterprises (an increase of 1.9 times compared to 2015), revenue reached 374,000 billion VND (accounting for 80% of the industrial production value of the whole province), arising taxes must be paid of 3,875 billion VND. , export value reached 15,700 million USD, creating jobs for 163,700 workers.

In 2023, there will be 451 operating enterprises (an increase of 1.3 times compared to 2020), revenue will reach 515,000 billion VND (accounting for 82% of the industrial production value of the whole province), arising taxes must be paid at 4,500 billion VND, the price Export value reached 20,500 million USD, creating jobs for 196,000 workers.

In the period 2003-2013, the total revenue of businesses reached 201 trillion VND, taxes payable reached 3,773 billion VND, and export value reached 10,370 million USD.

In the period 2014-2023, the total revenue of businesses will reach 3,183 trillion VND (15.8 times higher than the period 2003-2013), and the total tax payable will reach 31,312 billion VND (155.8 times higher than the period 2003-2013). for the period 2003-2013), export value reached 132,200 million USD (12.7 times higher than the period 2003-2013).

The province's economic structure has changed significantly over time, especially industry accounts for an increasingly high proportion. This trend continues strongly in the following periods, specifically: In 2005, the industry accounted for 7, 40%; In 2010, the industry increased to 28.27%; In 2015, the industry accounted for 33.94%; In 2020, the industry accounted for 47.00%; In 2023, the industry is forecast to account for 57.50 %.

In general, the province's industrial structure will increase sharply (in 2023 it will be more than 7.7 times higher than in 2005), largely thanks to the industrial production value of industrial park enterprises (in 2015 it accounted for about 60%, in 2023 it is forecasted that accounting for 80% of the province's industrial production value).

Strive to speed up the speed of attracting investment and developing industrial parks

Detail goal:

Strive to attract about 30 domestic and foreign investment projects each year, adjusting to increase investment capital for some projects. Total new and adjusted investment capital reached over 1 billion USD.

Period 2023-2025, focus on building and attracting investment to fill existing industrial parks; The industrial production value of industrial park enterprises by 2025 will reach 600,000 billion VND, and tax payable will reach 6,000 billion VND, creating jobs for 230,000 workers.

By 2030, 29 industrial parks will be established, of which 23 industrial parks will be put into operation, and the occupancy rate of industrial parks will reach over 70%; The industrial production value of enterprises reached 1,000,000 billion VND, tax payable reached 10,000 billion VND, creating jobs for about 300,000 workers.

(Theo Kinh te và Du bao)


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