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Bac Giang has secured an additional 33 investment projects for its industrial parks

In November 2022, the Management Board of Industrial Parks of Bac Giang province issued new investment registration certificates for 09 FDI projects with registered investment capital of USD 113.7 million; adjusted grant for 13 projects, of which 03 projects increased capital with the additional capital of USD 14.2 million.

Since the beginning of the year, Bac Giang province has attracted 33 new investment projects in industrial parks

Accumulated from the beginning of the year until now, the industrial parks have attracted 33 new investment projects, including 25 FDI ​​projects, and 08 DDI projects, with registered capital of USD 381.7 million and VND 4,356 billion; adjusted grants for 129 projects, of which 32 projects increased capital with the additional capital of USD 590.6 million and VND 20 billion. The total amount of newly and additionally converted investment capital is about USD 1,162.5 million, equal to 116% of the plan in 2022. The total estimated investment capital in 2022 is about USD 989 million.

Up to now, the total number of investment projects in industrial zones is 441 projects, including 328 FDI projects, and 113 DDI projects. Total registered investment capital is USD 7.338 billion and VND 15,894 billion. Realized investment capital is estimated at USD 5.14 billion (72% of total registered investment capital) and about VND 7,060 billion (equivalent to 44% of total registered investment capital).

(Enterprise & Green Economics)


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