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The most punctual airline in the first eight months of this year named Bamboo Airways

Low-cost carrier Bamboo Airways was the most punctual airline in the first eight months of this year, with an on-time performance (OTP) rate of 95.2%, or 31,957 flights, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

Source: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways has held the title since 2019.

Pacific Airlines and Vietravel Airlines followed with both on 93%, or 10,451 and 2,944 flights, respectively.

Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air recorded the lowest OTP rates with 84% and 84.8%. They also canceled the most flights, with 644 by Vietnam Airlines and 162 by Vietjet Air out of the total 896 canceled during the period.

In the first eight months, 208,242 flights were launched, up 103% year-on-year. Of these, 78,202 were operated by Vietnam Airlines, 76,513 by Vietjet Air, and 33,583 by Bamboo Airways.

In August alone, airlines ran 30,167 flights with 26,719, or 88.6%, on time, up 5.8% from July.

A total of 3,448 flights were delayed, equivalent to 11.4%. Vietnam Airlines recorded the most delayed flights with 1,640, accounting for 14.7%. It was followed by Vasco with 82 flights, or 12.4%, Vietjet Air with 10.6%, Vietravel Airlines with 9.4%, Bamboo Airways with 7.4%, and Pacific Airlines with 7.3%.

During the month, Pacific Airlines and Vietravel Airlines did not cancel any flights.

Source: VNA


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