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Vietnamese State Treasury to auction 400 trillion VND worth of government bonds this year

The State Treasury has announced that it plans to raise 400 trillion VND (over 16.25 billion USD) worth of government bonds via auctions on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) this year.

Vietnamese goverment bonds

In the first quarter of this year, it will offer about 127 trillion VND worth of government bonds.

The agency said it will closely follow the assigned capital mobilization plan and promptly propose to the Ministry of Finance solutions to raise capital from the government bond issuance with appropriate volume, term, and interest rate to ensure sufficient mobilization.

In 2023, the State Treasury raised nearly 298.5 trillion VND in Government bonds, reaching 98% of the plan assigned by the Ministry of Finance. The average issuance term was 12.6 years with an average issuance interest rate of 3.21% per year.

The total payment of principal and interest on government bonds last year was 185 trillion VND, of which principal was more than 101 trillion VND.



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