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Vietnam among Asia’s top 5 destinations over Lunar New Year

Online travel company Agoda has named the nation among the top 5 destinations for travelers around the Asia-Pacific region looking for a getaway over the forthcoming Lunar New Year travel break.

Du lịch ở Việt Nam 2024

According to Agoda’s data released this week, visitors from around Asia are turning to the country, drawn in by its stunning scenery, warm culture, and renowned cuisine.

The company shared several ideal spots in the nation that attracted a huge number of foreign tourists during the festive period including Ho Chi Minh City, the central city of Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Phu Quoc Island.

Joining Vietnam on the list of regional destinations were Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

“When it came to inbound travelers to Vietnam over one of the region's largest breaks, Koreans have led the way, ahead of visitors from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, all ensuring a busy Tet season for Vietnam's travel industry,” says Agoda.

Meanwhile, according to the online travel company, Vietnamese visitors are also getting their bags packed for their annual break, with Da Lat proving to be this year's top domestic destination.

The hilltop retreat claimed the top spot, ahead of seaside locales Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Phan Thiet. Ho Chi Minh City rounded out the list, placing fourth in terms of bookings across the period.

Increasingly local travelers have been opting to travel beyond their borders over Tet, with this year's data showing travelers opting for big-city breaks, with the first place belonging to Bangkok.

The Thai capital was followed by Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Bali.



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