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Viejet recorded nine-month revenue, fulfilling 85% of the target for this year

The Vietjet Aviation JSC recorded a surge in its nine-month revenue, fulfilling 85% of the target set for this year, according to its third-quarter report.

Source: Viejet Air

In Q3 alone, the carrier earned 11.6 trillion VND (nearly 467 million USD) in consolidated revenue, shooting up 337% from the same period last year.

As of September 30, its total assets are valued at 67.47 trillion VND while the debt-to-equity ratio stood at 1.1.

The firm saw a loss of 767 billion VND from air transport, down over 50% from 2020 and 2021, but 43 billion VND in consolidated post-tax profit. The loss was blamed on soaring fuel costs.

However, Vietjet still paid over 3 trillion VND to the state budget in nine months, the report said.

From July to September, it conducted more than 35,000 flights transporting 6.4 million passengers and 11,500 tonnes of cargo.

It also opened 10 new air routes in Q3, raising the total to 84, including 35 international.

In total, Vietjet operated 87,700 flights with 15.4 million passengers during the nine-month period, respectively rising 150% and 225% year on year.

The company said since air transport has been dependent on various objective factors like epidemics or fuel prices, Vietjet has expanded its operations to other fields to adapt to the new context.

Source: VNA


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