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The EU puts 5 Vietnamese agricultural and food products are subject to strict quality control measures

When Vietnam exports agricultural and food products to the European Union, 5 products are subject to strict quality control measures. These products include bell peppers, instant noodles, durian, okra, and dragon fruit.

Vietnamses agrricultural and food products

The SPS Vietnam Office has received notification about the European Union’s (EU) temporary strengthening of official controls and emergency measures governing the entry of certain goods from certain third countries into the EU. Vietnam has five agricultural and food products that are subject to EU control when exported to this market. These products are bell pepper products, instant noodles containing seasoning packets, seasoning powder, or sauces, durian products, okra, and dragon fruit.

For Appendix 1, bell pepper products and instant noodles containing seasoning packets, seasoning powder, or sauces have a border inspection frequency of 50% and 20%, respectively, and these two products remain the same compared to 2023. However, durian products are now added to the list with an inspection frequency of 10%. For Appendix 2, okra and dragon fruit have inspection frequency rates of 50% and 20%, respectively.

In the last six months of 2023, Vietnam had only three shipments of durian that violated EU regulations. Therefore, the EU has put this item under control. Durian products will be subject to a 10% inspection frequency, which will not have much impact on exports. Agricultural trade typically involves border control for agricultural products, and agricultural and food products imported into Vietnam are also controlled according to Vietnamese law.

As of November 2023, Vietnam’s durian exports reached nearly 2.2 billion USD, an increase of 4.8 times compared to the same period in 2022. Vietnam’s durian exports to the EU increased the most, besides China. Fresh durian exports to the Czech Republic increased by more than 28,000%, ranking 4th among the countries importing the most durians from Vietnam. Exports to France increased by 32%.

According to EU regulations, every 6 months, the European Parliament and the European Council will meet to consider making rules related to temporary increases/decreases in official control measures when importing certain foods and feeds of non-animal origin from certain third countries into the European Union.



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