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The electricity output produced by the entire system in August increased by 7.2%

In August 2023, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) met the requirement to ensure electricity supply to serve socio-economic development and people's daily life.

Sản lượng điện sản xuất toàn hệ thống tháng 8/2023 đạt 25,6 tỷ kWh

The entire system's electricity output in August reached 25.6 billion kWh

The entire system's electricity production in August 2023 reached 25.6 billion kWh - an increase of 7.2% compared to the same period in August 2022. The highest daily output in August reached 889.6 million kWh (August 18), the highest capacity reached 44,007 MW (August 17). Accumulated for 8 months, the system's output reached 186.3 billion kWh, an increase of 2.7% over the same period last year, in which the mobilization rate of some types of power sources is as follows:

Hydropower: 48.45 billion kWh, accounting for 26%. Due to the increase in water flow to the lakes, hydroelectricity is increasingly exploited, especially multi-purpose hydropower reservoirs.

Coal thermal power: 88.08 billion kWh, accounting for 47.3%. After the direction of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, TKV and Dong Bac Corporation delivered an increased volume of coal compared to the contract, ensuring that coal-fired power plants are produced with high output. electricity output is higher and inventory reserves are also increased. Up to now, coal power plants have enough coal to operate.

Gas turbines: 19.26 billion kWh, accounting for 10.3%. The amount of gas supplied for power generation is still lower than planned due to the suspension of PM3-CAA gas supply from August 17 to August 27 for routine maintenance and repair.

Oil thermal power: 1.23 billion kWh, accounting for 0.7%. Basic power plants meet mobilization requirements.

Renewable energy: 26.35 billion kWh, accounting for 14.1% (of which solar power reached 18.33 billion kWh, wind power reached 7.38 billion kWh).

Imported electricity: 2.62 billion kWh, accounting for 1.4%.

In the first 8 months of 2023, electricity production of EVN and power generation corporations (including joint stock companies) reached 77.98 billion kWh, accounting for 41.86% of the electricity production of the entire system.

Regarding construction investment: In the first 8 months of 2023, EVN and its units have started 41 projects and completed energizing and putting into operation 54 power grid projects from 110 kV to 500 kV (including: 01 500kV projects, 08 220kV projects and 45 110kV projects), including a number of important projects such as: increasing the capacity of Quang Ninh 500kV transformer station, Nam Mo - Tuong Duong 220kV line, 220kV switching station Bo Y, increasing the capacity of the 220kV substation of Tri An Hydropower Plant, increasing the load capacity of the 220kV Ha Dong - Thuong Tin line, the 220kV Bac Quang substation and 220kV-110kV lines connecting and installing sets capacitors to improve voltage quality in the North...

By the end of August, 79/85 renewable energy projects had sent documents to the electricity trading company.

By the end of August, 79/85 transitional renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 4,449.86 MW had submitted documents to the electricity trading company to negotiate electricity prices and electricity purchase contracts; Of which, 67 projects (total capacity of 3,849.41 MW) have proposed a temporary price equal to 50% of the ceiling price of the price bracket (according to Decision No. 21/QD-BCT dated January 7, 2023 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade). EVN and the investor have completed price negotiations and initialed PPA contracts with 61/67 projects; The Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved temporary prices for 58 projects with a total capacity of 3,181.41MW; There are 20 factories/parts of factories with a total capacity of 1,171.72 MW that have completed COD procedures and can generate commercial electricity to the grid. Of these, 23 projects have had their works/parts of works accepted by competent State management agencies; 29 projects have been granted electricity operation licenses for the entire factory/part of the factory; 39 projects have decided to extend their investment policies. There are still 6 projects with a total capacity of 284.70 MW that have not yet submitted negotiation documents. The cumulative electricity output of transitional renewable energy projects from the time of COD recognition to August 25, 2023 reaches about 357 million kWh.

Continue to ensure power supply

According to weather trends from the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, in September 2023, the average temperature across the country will be 0.5-1.0 degrees Celsius higher than the same period last year. average of many years; Heat in the Central region will continue to appear (although it will decrease in intensity compared to August 2023).

In September 2023, the average daily electricity consumption of the entire system is expected to be at 786.8 million kWh/day, an increase of 7% over the same period in 2022. The electricity supply situation in September is expected to continue. continuity is guaranteed.

System operation goal: Ensure stable, safe and reliable operation of the electrical system. The Northern region is already in the late flood season, so depending on the hydrological situation of each hydroelectric reservoir, there is a flexible exploitation strategy, ensuring the goal of storing water at hydroelectric reservoirs at the end of the year, preparing for supply. dry season electricity in 2024. Continue to mobilize all coal-fired power plants and gas turbines to ensure system stability and meet load demand. Reserve oil thermal power to be ready for mobilization in case of need.

Regarding investment in power source construction: Focus on storm and flood prevention at construction sites, while continuing to accelerate the construction progress of power source projects: Quang Trach 1 Thermal Power Plant; Expanded Ialy Hydropower Plant, Expanded Hoa Binh, Expanded Ialy, Expanded Tri An; Bac Ai pumped storage hydropower plant. Regarding the power grid: Continue to direct and urge the progress of investment preparation and construction progress of key power grid projects such as: projects on the 500kV line Quang Trach (Quang Binh) - Pho Noi (Hung Yen); Song Hau - Duc Hoa 500kV line; 220kV Nghi Son Thermal Power Line - Nong Cong - Quynh Luu branch; 500kV Vinh Yen, 220kV Ba Thien transformer stations; Completed the selection of consulting survey and preparation of feasibility report (FS) for the project Power supply from the national grid for Con Dao district...

In September 2023, there is a possibility of 2-3 storms and tropical depressions appearing in the East Sea region that could affect the Northern and North Central regions. EVN continues to direct hydropower companies/plants to operate dams in accordance with the operating instructions of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and the Steering Committees of provinces/cities. Power corporations/companies fully prepare human resources and means to increase 24/7 response; Proactively respond to natural disasters in the rainy season, ensure safety for people, equipment, electrical works and ensure the safety of dams, hydroelectric plants, and downstream areas of reservoirs.

To prepare to supply electricity for the 2024 dry season, with the goal of minimizing difficulties in operating the power system, EVN hopes to continue receiving the sharing and active coordination of people and agencies. offices and manufacturing enterprises in using electricity safely and economically during peak lunch hours (from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) and evening peak hours (from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.); At the same time, pay attention to the appropriate use of air conditioning (set at 26 - 27 degrees or higher, used in combination with fans) and do not use many high-capacity electrical appliances at the same time...

(Thuong hieu & Cong luan)


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