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President Vo Van Thuong affirmed would conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electricity sector

President Vo Van Thuong has confirmed that a comprehensive inspection of the electricity sector will be conducted with utmost seriousness.

President Thuong, along with a delegation of National Assembly (NA) deputies from Danang City, met with local voters yesterday, June 28, to discuss the outcomes of the 15th NA’s fifth sitting and address their concerns and petitions.

During the meeting, a voter expressed worries about the 3% increase in electricity prices since May and called for a thorough inspection of Vietnam Electricity Group’s (EVN) electricity supply.

The voter suggested that the Ministry of Industry and Trade should not be responsible for doing the inspection since EVN falls under their authority.

In response, President Thuong outlined two approaches for the inspection.

The first approach focuses on examining the policies and responsibilities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The second approach involves inspecting EVN’s electricity supply, with the Ministry of Industry and Trade being entrusted to carry out this inspection.

The President emphasized, “If the ministry fails to fulfill its duties diligently, it will face another inspection.”

Following the Prime Minister’s direction, the Ministry of Industry and Trade previously formed a team to inspect EVN’s electricity supply from 2021 until June of this year.

This decision was prompted by severe electricity shortages and the heightened risk of power cuts in the northern region during the daytime.

(The Saigon Times)


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