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Expand investment attraction in industrial parks

The activities of attracting investment into industrial parks (IZs) in Son La province have recently had many positive changes, contributing to promoting industrial development towards modernization create a driving force for the socio-economic development of the localities. Mr. Bui Van Man, Head of the Management Board of Son La Industrial Zones shared with Vietnam Business Forum reporters around this content.

Currently, in Son La province, there are 2 industrial zones approved by the Prime Minister in the master plan for the development of industrial zones in Vietnam up to 2020, including Mai Son Industrial Park and Van Ho Industrial Park. How has the implementation of development planning and investment attraction in these 2 industrial zones been achieved, sir?

Mai Son Industrial Park (phase I) has a scale of 63.7ha, of which the industrial land area for lease is 47.96ha. The Management Board of Industrial Parks has granted investment registration certificates for 10 projects with a total area of 34.7 hectares (occupation rate reached 72.3%). Total registered investment capital reached VND 1,001 billion; average investment capital on 1 hectare of industrial land reached VND 28.87 billion, there are 05 projects that have been put into production and business (production and business). Accumulated to June 30, 2022, the total revenue of enterprises engaged in production and business activities reached VND 1,948 billion, export value reached USD 49.73 million, contributed to the state budget reached VND 19.5 billion; creating jobs for 231 workers (mainly local workers).

In addition, there are currently many investors (investors) wishing to survey, register for investment, and submit investment project proposals in Mai Son Industrial Park (remaining area of phase I and phase II). The factories that have been granted investment certificates, and have been registered to invest in Mai Son Industrial Park are mostly in the field of agricultural and forestry product processing in accordance with the investment attraction orientation of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee.

In addition, the Management Board advised the Provincial People's Committee to submit to the Ministry of Planning and Investment for appraisal the pre-feasibility study report of the infrastructure construction investment project of Mai Son Industrial Park (phase II). Currently, the Board is organizing the preparation of a master plan adjustment to complete the project's pre-feasibility study report according to the appraisal opinion of the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Report No. 2422/BC-BKHDT dated 13/4/2022, submit to the Prime Minister for approval the policy, and at the same time prepare conditions for implementation in the period up to 2025.

The main contents of the Report include Investment in building and completing the technical infrastructure of the industrial zone in phase II according to the approved planning with an area of 86.3ha; investment in the construction of technical infrastructure in the resettlement area, the worker's housing area adjacent to the industrial park and a number of connection items outside the fence.

For Van Ho Industrial Park, the Planning Project of the Van Ho Industrial Park subdivision (hereinafter referred to as the Project for short) is prepared, appraised, and approved to ensure the order and procedures as prescribed by law. consistent with the planning approved by the competent authority, complying with the planning task approved by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision No. 2071/QD-UBND dated August 27, 2021. In particular, on January 4, 2021, the Prime Minister approved to add of the planning of Van Ho Industrial Park, Son La Province to the development planning of industrial zones in Vietnam until 2020 in Official Letter No. 3/TTg-CN with the planned scale of 216.64 ha; in accordance with the general planning on construction of Moc Chau National Tourist Area by 2030, the rate of 1/10,000 approved by the Prime Minister for local adjustment in Decision No. 296/QD-TTg dated March 2, 2022.

The planning project has been consulted by the Ministry of Construction in Official Letter No. 1086/BXD-QHKT dated April 1, 2022. The Provincial Appraisal Council meeting on April 7, 2022, unanimously approved the planning project. The Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee agreed on the content of the planning project in Official Dispatch No. 1738-CV/TU dated April 18, 2022. Provincial People's Council approved the Project in Resolution No. 83/NQ-HDND dated May 10, 2022. Provincial People's Committee approved in Decision No. 1292/QD-UBND dated June 29, 2022.

Following the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, the Working Group to direct the development of industrial zones in the province, the Management Board has supported potential investors with the order, procedures, and composition of documents in accordance with the provisions of the law on investment and construction. Potential investors are organizing the preparation and finalization of the project pre-feasibility study report, which is expected to submit to the competent authorities for approval of the investment policy and at the same time approve the investor in accordance with the provisions of the law on investment strive to complete in 2022.

A corner of Mai Son Industrial Park

What activities has the management board of the IZs taken to support and create conditions for businesses and investors operating in the IZs in recent years?

As the direct state management agency for the IZ, the focal point for guiding, receiving, and handling administrative procedures (administrative procedures) on investment and construction for investors in the IZ, the Management Board The management of industrial zones has constantly made efforts to well perform the assigned functions and tasks, accompanying investors so that the industrial zones in the province are really an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

In order to contribute to improving the investment environment, enhancing competitiveness, and promoting the socio-economic development of the province, over the past time, the Management Board has seriously implemented the publicity and transparency of administrative procedures, resulting in administrative dispute settlement according to regulations. 100% of administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the announced settlement are listed, publicized at the one-stop shop, and posted on the website of the province, and the public administration page of the province. Administrative reform is regularly directed and cared for, with a focus on promoting administrative reform. Actively reviewing, abolishing, simplifying, cutting time, and improving the quality of administrative procedures under its jurisdiction. Maintain meetings and dialogues with investors and businesses to promptly remove difficulties and support investors during project implementation and production and business activities.

Drafting, editing, and publishing the "Handbook on the investment implementation process in industrial zones" to help investors, organizations and enterprises have an overview of the investment sequence; easier access to investment project implementation procedures. At the same time, actively coordinate with competent authorities to support investors and businesses in implementing administrative procedures and other related issues during project implementation.

The Management Board established an Advisory Group to guide investors into the IZ; establish a Working Group to assist in performing the tasks of specialized construction agencies as decentralized by the Provincial People's Committee; promulgating official documents guiding the implementation of regulations on management of construction activities in Mai Son Industrial Park.

In your opinion, what areas should Son La focus on in the coming time? And what tasks and solutions have the Management Board set out to effectively implement the goal of developing industrial zones?

Son La province needs to prioritize resources to invest in completing the infrastructure of industrial parks to ensure synchronous and modernity, focusing on attracting investment in industrial zones to promote the potential and strengths of the province such as Agricultural processing, forestry, fisheries, food; preserving and processing vegetables and fruits; production of bio-organic fertilizers…

Continue to promote administrative reform activities to create all favorable conditions for people and businesses; promote investment promotion and advertising activities to invite domestic and foreign investors.

In order to effectively implement the goal of developing industrial zones in the province according to the direction and direction of the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial People's Committee, in the coming time, the Management Board will focus on performing a number of main tasks and solutions as follows.

Firstly, to step up investment promotion in industrial zones; actively coordinate well with other departments, agencies, and sectors in the implementation of investment promotion; attach importance to quality and efficiency of investment attraction; keep abreast of the potential and advantages of the province; regularly meet and exchange to promptly remove difficulties in investment and business activities of enterprises.

Second, complete the pre-feasibility study report, and submit it to the Prime Minister for approval of the investment policy of Mai Son Industrial Park Project Phase II for implementation.

Third, focus on removing difficulties, speeding up the site clearance, and building essential infrastructure in Mai Son Industrial Park; Van Ho Industrial Park to meet the needs of investors.

Fourth, propose mechanisms and policies to mobilize resources for investment and business in industrial park infrastructure. In addition to capital from the state budget and capital from the Land Development Fund, it is necessary to pay attention to attracting capital from investors in the following directions: Investors advance capital for site clearance and then deduct it from land rent and infrastructure rental. annual; encourage investment and business in infrastructure projects for electricity supply, clean water supply, environmental treatment, leveling,...

Fifth, to step up the implementation of administrative reform (with a focus on administrative procedure reform) towards simplicity, efficiency, and practicality; strengthen the application of information technology in the settlement and publicization of administrative procedures; continue to propose and well implement the decentralization and authorization for the Management Board to fully implement administrative procedures under the "one-stop shop, on-site" mechanism.

Sixth, strengthen state management in industrial zones, focusing on planning, investment, construction, environmental protection, and fire prevention./

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