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Business Credit Reports in Vietnam - How to get them?

Evaluating an enterprise to cooperate with requires a lot of steps and categories. Business Credit report is one of the most important aspect that you should review to avoid frauds. Business Credit is not a common term in Vietnam because local enterprises rarely public their financial status.

The Business Financial report is a new market in Vietnam, so there were only a few providers. Among them, the most popular brands are CIC, Dun & Bradstreet, and Vietdata. In this article, we would give you a review of these brands and their report packages.

Vietnam Credit Information Center (CIC)

Vietnam National Credit Information Center is a public organization under the State Bank of Vietnam, performing the function of national credit registration; collecting, processing, storing and analyzing credit information; prevent and limit credit risks; credit ratings of individuals and enterprises; providing credit information products and services under the State Bank's regulations and laws.

The Vietnam National Credit Information Database managed by CIC stores information of over 30 million borrowers, with the participation of 100% of credit institutions operating in Vietnam, over 1000 people's credit funds and microfinance institutions and other organizations inside and outside the banking system.

Vietnam Credit Information (PCB)

PCB is the first private credit information company in Vietnam, established in 2013 by 11 joint stock commercial banks including Vietcombank, BIDV, Vietinbank, ACB, Techcombank, VIB, Dong A, VPBank, ABBank, Sacombank and SCB. After nearly 2 years of negotiation and selection, PCB has transferred the entire technical system to CRIF corporation.

PCB's credit report products are optimally designed to provide complete information to individual customers and SMEs–both negative and positive information. The report comprises two main pieces of information:

  • Customer identification information

  • Information on loan contracts

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

D&B is an old, well-known data analysis and insight enterprise in the world. CRIF, the parent company of D&B Vietnam, has an existing and strong consumer business in Vietnam. CRFI has been operating since 2010 and PCB selected it as a strategic partner to develop the first world-class credit bureau of the country.

CRIF D&B (Vietnam) LLC specializes in the provision of economic information, credit scoring and business decision solutions. You can purchase a Business Information Report from D&B. It’s an industry standard for evaluating both new and existing credit relationships, and provides a quick business check while sourcing for the right customers and suppliers.

The Company Information Report contains information on the following (where available):

  • Company Registration Details & Registered Charges

  • Corporate Directors, Shareholders and Related Companies

  • Litigation

  • Payment Trends

  • Trading Terms

  • Operations of the Business

  • Financial Statements

  • D&B Risk Assessment Rating

Vietnam Credit

Credit Information and Rating Company Limited (Vietnam Credit): Established in 2004 with the name C&R Vietnam Company, in 2009 changed its name to Vietnam Credit. Vietnam Credit was one of the first businesses to collect and analyze data on business entities in Vietnam.

Vietnam Credit has four different reports package to meet customer's individual needs and exacting standards: Company Profile Report, Company Standard Report, Comprehensive Report and International Company Report.

Vietnam Credit's Business Information report packages

Source: Vietnam Credit's website


Vietdata is the leading market research organization in Vietnam with its strength of a complete and comprehensive database in various fields, such as corporate finance, macroeconomics, industry, banking, real estate and many other fields.

To serve many audiences, Vietdata has built a rich and diverse reporting system, including research reports on Vietnam's economy, industry reports, market research, and analysis reports, as well as a collection of financial statements of enterprises established and operating in Vietnam. Vietdata provides three specific Business Credit Report packages you can choose based on your requirements: The Company Snapshot, Standard Company Report and Comprehensive Company Report.

Vietdata's Business Credit Report packages

To see the price, sample report and purchase Vietdata's Business Credit report, please follow this link.

It is necessary for any enterprise to know and understand the financial health of themselves or their cooperators. This information requires clarification and an unprejudiced view of analyzing, and reports by third party enterprises can fulfill all those requirements. However, you need to research and select the right service provider for this important task.

Source: Vietdata


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