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Why Business Credit Reports are popular worldwide?

Before you sign a contract with a new business partner, create an order, or ship the order, make sure you know who you're doing business with. Checking the credit history and financial well-being of a business first could save your frustration or lost money later. While you're at it, keeping track of your own business credit activity and financial health is a good idea.

Business Credit Reports are commonly used worldwide to analyse the financial health of an enterprise. There are various companies that can provide you with the Business Credit Reports of enterprises in any country. Vietdata would introduce you to some prestige service suppliers in developed countries.

The US

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the largest commercial credit reporting agency. They are the go-to business credit report agency for businesses of all sizes. You have to manually set up a business credit file to build your business credit score and adding trade lines to your Dun & Bradstreet business credit report.

Dun & Bradstreet offers several priced packages for small business credit reports; the two primary options are CreditSignal (Free) and CreditSignal Plus ($15/month)


Unlike personal credit scores (or your personal credit report), business credit reports are accessible to anyone. Potential business partners may have pulled credit reports on your business, so we advise every small business to do the same.

Experian Business Credit Advantage is a great place to pull credit scores when deciding which businesses do business with. Experian reports are third-party verified and completely unbiased, presenting only the facts regarding a business's financials.

Use Experian Business Credit Advantage to find out how financially secure a prospect is and how they compare with other potential partners. Experian can clue you in on whether you'll be paid back on time or if a company is one you should partner with or not.


Equifax's team of experts can help you find the information you need on your credit report and help you build a solid financial track record, sure to please any lender. You can find all the information you need to fix your business's problems in one place — your business credit report.

With so many businesses using Equifax's services, it should be one of the easiest places to discover which data and documents need rebooting.


Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau

Established in 2005, Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (SCCB) is a subsidiary of Credit Bureau Asia Limited. Driven by the aim of enhancing the national credit environment, fostering stronger credit responsibility and increasing financing accessibility to companies in Singapore – over 10, 000 domestic businesses now rely on SCCB for intuitive insights. Being part of a global network ensures that you have unrestricted access to the best-in-class solutions and resources beyond any borders.

Tory Credit Reports & Collections

Tory Credit Reports & Collections is a reliable company dedicated to the provision of a comprehensive range of business and credit information & related risk management consulting services to local and overseas corporate users. They have developed an international information network with over 20 overseas credit bureaus/agencies located worldwide.

As a matter of fact, their services have been widely used by the corporate sector as a guideline for business decision-making. Their services assist your company in:

  • Adjusting or setting credit limits of your client’s account

  • Identifying your potential customers

  • Revealing the background of your prospective collaborators

  • Accessing supplier’s ability while considering placing orders

  • Reducing the likelihood of bad debts occurrence, thus improving cash flow


System Day

System Day provides a company registry document retrieval service, certified and apostolate copies of official company registry documents. They also give a gateway to a wide range of company information, including detailed data on Apostille, authentication, verification of company registrations, financial records, and credit reports. You can order any of the services listed through one account, which offers competitive pricing and a simplified ordering process that allows you to quickly purchase and receive them online. They can get company documents, and company reports, and conduct comprehensive company searches.

All company searches and document orders are confidential and anonymous.

Japanese Credit Ranking Agency

Japanese Credit Ranking (JCR) is a leading credit rating agency in Japan, and an expert in credit risk analysis. JCR’s rating coverage exceeds 60% of approximately 1,100 publicly rated issuers in Japan. Among others, JCR has around 70% of the rating coverage ratio for the financial industry. With the solid trust in the market, the vast majority of issuers in the Japanese corporate bond market solicit JCR’s rating in their fundraising.

In addition, JCR has a track record of assigning credit ratings for over 200 foreign issuers. JCR is the only Japanese rating agency that is also officially registered in the US and certified in the EU and United Kingdom. As the financial market becomes more globalized, demand for credit ratings with international recognition may grow to provide an important clue to assessing credit risks. JCR aims to address such needs in the international financial markets.

Business Credit reports are commonly used worldwide in many countries because of their help in analyzing the liability of any business and decision making. Having knowledge about other companies' financial health can help in decision-making and avoid information asymmetry.

Among the Business Credit Report services mentioned above, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax ranked highest for their credibility, authenticity, and global coverage. However, we recommend you choose a local service to get a business credit report who has in-depth insights into the business environment, legal, and reporting regime of the host country.



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