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Bac Giang Province develops industrial parks for diverse industries, focusing on high-tech sectors

Priority will be given to investors having financial capacity, management skills, high-tech projects, using less labour, less power and generating less wastewater.

Bắc Giang Province is developing industrial parks (IPs) for many different industries but focusing on sectors using high technology, and having less environmental impacts and saving land, according to Đào Xuân Cường, head of the Bắc Giang Province Management Board of Industrial Zones.

Deputy head of the Management Board of Industrial Zones Nguyễn Xuân Ngọc said that in April, the management board continued to propose and implement solutions to improve investment and business environment and attract investment effectively.

They will give priority to investors having financial capacity, management skills, high-tech projects, using less labour and less power, and generating less wastewater. The projects having large investments in production and business in the IPs will also receive priority.

The management board will strengthen supports for enterprises in implementing investment procedures as well as carrying out production and business activities.

In addition, they will coordinate with provincial authorities to inspect enterprises' compliance with regulations on investment, construction, labour, environment, food safety, and fire prevention and fighting.

A production line of components for motorbikes and cars of Nichirin Vietnam Co, Ltd in Quảng Châu Industrial Park, Việt Yên District.

According to Ngọc, in March new certificates of investment registration were issued to projects of two domestic investors with a total registered capital of more than VNĐ3 trillion. It also gave certificates of investment adjustment for 11 projects, including two projects increasing investment capital by $3.3 million in total.

From the beginning of 2024 until now, the management board granted investment registration certificates for 10 new foreign-invested projects with a registered capital of $89.53 million and for two new domestic investment projects with a registered capital of about VNĐ3 trillion.

The Prime Minister also approved investment policies to build Phúc Sơn Industrial Park and expand Việt Hàn Industrial Park in Bắc Giang Province.

As of April, Bắc Giang has 10 industrial parks with a total planned area of about 2,250 hectares. Of which, Đình Trám and Song Khê - Nội Hoàng industrial parks are fully occupied. Four other industrial parks have achieved an occupancy rate of over 90 per cent, including Vân Trung, Quang Châu, Hòa Phú and the first phase of Việt Hàn. Two other industrial parks have achieved an occupancy rate of nearly 90 per cent, namely Tân Hưng and Yên Lư.

Workers of Nichirin Vietnam Co, Ltd, a Japanese invested project in Quảng Châu Industrial Park, Việt Yên District.

Bắc Giang Province began developing industrial parks in 2003, with the first one being Đình Tràm Industrial Park, in Việt Yên Town with an area of 98 hectares.

Now, 498 projects operate in Bắc Giang's IPs, including 384 FDI projects with a total registered investment capital of $10.15 billion and 114 domestic investment projects with a total capital of about VNĐ12 trillion.

Bắc Giang also has 13 industrial parks with approved construction planning, including Phúc Sơn; Quang Châu 2; Đồng Phúc; Yên Lư's expansion project; Châu Minh - Bắc Lý - Hương Lâm; Tiên Sơn - Ninh Sơn; Đức Giang; Xuân Cẩm - Hương Lâm; Hòa Phú's expansion in phase 2; and Yên Sơn - Hòa Yên's expansion.

Some other industrial parks are preparing construction planning for their sub-areas, such as Song Mai-Nghĩa Trung; Yên Sơn; Mỹ Thái-Xuân Hương-Tân Dĩnh; and Minh Đức-Thượng Lan-Ngọc Thiện.

Meanwhile, two industrial clusters are planned to adjust their investment targets to turn into industrial parks.



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