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[VN/EN] Tuyen Quang Socio-Economic Data

The package of Tuyen Quang socio-economic data includes the following information:

  • Population by district
  • Labor & Employment
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by sector
  • Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI)
  • Production capacity of key products in the province
  • Import - Export value of the province
  • Total retail sales of the province
  • Total Investment by sector or capital source
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by sector & nationality
  • Government Budget Revenue
  • Government Budget Expenditure

[VN/EN] Tuyen Quang Socio-Economic Data

  • 1.  All key socio-economic indicators of Tuyen Quang as below

    2.  Timeframe:  2010 - 2021

    3.  File format:  Excel

    4. Language:    VN/EN

    5. Please refer to the SAMPLE FILE

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