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[EN/VN] Vietnam Monthly Macro and Industry Summarized report


Launched in 2018, the monthly economic report released by Vietdata is intended to serve organizations and individuals who need to update macro and market information for business and investment activities in Vietnam.


The report includes three main fields:

  • Macroeconomics of Vietnam
  • Financial market
  • The situation of key industries
  • Key Economic Zones indicators


With the latest updated data from the General Statistics Office, the General Department of Vietnam Customs, ministries, departments, branches, associations and other cooperative units of Vietdata



"Data talks"
The unique feature of the Newsletter is the fact that the data is presented in the form of an intuitive and vivid chart, which makes it interesting for readers and helps readers see the trend and reality clearly through the presentation. instead of reading dry numbers. In fact, a survey by Vietdata shows that 95% of readers like the way it is presented through visual graphs, and more than 80% of readers share that reading information through graphs helps them make judgments quickly and easily. Easier than reading statistics


The monthly economic bulletin released by Vietdata is the only publication currently on the market that updates Vietnam's economic situation to serve the assessment and decision-making of economic organizations, especially those in Vietnam. fields of finance, banking, securities, investment fund management and research institutions.


Macro database and reports always update and develop more content to provide customers with the most complete information, covering industries and sectors of the economy.


In addition to standard reports, we also make reports according to the requirements of each customer for each different field and industry.



The complete report is released on the 15th of every month with full content items.
The summary report is released on the 2nd of every month with updated macro information of the previous month



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Any further assistance, please contact us at email or hotline +84 8888 337 36

[EN/VN] Vietnam Monthly Macro and Industry Summarized report

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