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FDI Capital registration into 63 provinces inVietnam




Foreign direct investment in the locality is the total amount and legal objects of foreign investors that have been put in that locality and invested in the approved projects in the province/city directy under the central government, in the form of money, machinery, equipments, materials, raw materials, fuels, finished goods, semi-finished goods; the value of industrial property rights, technical know-how, technological processes, technical services, intellectual property rights and other legal assets.


Data are sourced from Provincial Statistics Offices nationwide.

FDI Capital registration into 63 provinces inVietnam

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  •            Data of 63 provinces in Vietnam:

    • Accumulated FDI capital
    • Accumulated No. of FDI profjects
    • FDI capital licensed in the year
    • No. of FDI projects in the year

    2.  Timeframe:  2005 - 2022

    3.  File format:  Excel

    4. Please refer to the SAMPLE FILE

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