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Which company is leading the electric motorbike market in Vietnam?

The electric motorbike market has been quite vibrant recently, with a series of brands, manufacturing, and assembly plants being established, and the selling price of the motorbike is also more reasonable than before.

the electric motorbike market

According to research by a reporter from Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, leading the market currently belongs to VinFast car company with about a dozen electric motorbike models already on the market. Recently, this car company also launched electric bicycles.

According to a report from VinFast, in the third quarter, this car company sold 28,220 electric motorbikes, an increase of 177% compared to the second quarter and an increase of 113% compared to the same period last year.

Yadea electric motorbike models - a brand from Hong Kong (China) - are also appearing more and more on the streets. This company has just introduced a new electric motorbike model on Vietnamese Women's Day November 20 with the first genuine pink co-branded model with "Disney Lotso Strawberry Bear" priced at 20.9 million VND.

Yadea has been present in the Vietnamese market since 201 and has so far produced 100,000 electric motorbikes. In addition to the existing electric motorbike assembly factory in Bac Giang, it is expected that by the end of this year, Yadea's new factory will be started in Bac Giang, with an investment capital of more than 100 million USD.

A brand that is also quite popular recently is Dat Bike, founded by an American overseas Vietnamese who returned to Vietnam. This company has just launched an electric vehicle model in the scooter line called Quantum. This is the fourth car model of this car company, with a selling price of 49.9 million VND. Quantum possesses the ability to travel a distance of 270 km on a single full charge. Quantum's battery has a lifespan of 350,000 km, equivalent to 25 years. However, this brand has recently been involved in a controversy surrounding the release of a car advertising clip with two actors Quoc Co - Quoc Nghiep driving while overlapping each other, creating bad public opinion.

In addition, on the market, several electric motorbike brands are quite familiar to students, such as Pega of Pega Electric Vehicle Joint Stock Company. This company has a factory manufacturing and assembling electric motorbikes in Vietnam and has been in operation since 2012, with a capacity of 60,000 vehicles/year. The company already has 6 vehicle models on the market, and later this year, it will add a smart electric motorbike model - adding voice command, route finding, and device management features.

Another large-scale electric motorbike company is EVGO of Son Ha Group, which has a production and assembly factory in Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park (Bac Ninh). This company also has about 8 car models on the market, with prices ranging from 18.5 to 44 million VND. Mr. Hoang Manh Tan, Deputy General Director of Son Ha Group, said that the electric motorbike market is still huge, and good products, reasonable prices, and stable operating features will be well received by customers.

(Theo Nguoi lao dong)


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