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The industrial park, Hai Phong economic zone provides internal power to lift foreign investment

Last year, Hai Phong continued to be in the top group of the country in terms of attracting foreign investment with the total amount of FDI attracted reaching 2.5 billion USD, most of which was poured into industrial parks and economic zones. (IZ, EZ). In order to succeed, by 2023, the city needs to focus on promoting its internal resources in finding and choosing key and key partners to achieve the highest efficiency.

According to data at the end of 2022, Korea is currently the leading FDI partner in Hai Phong with 104 projects corresponding to 8.65 billion USD (accounting for 41% of the total FDI capital of the whole industrial zone and economic zone). Next is Japan with 87 projects with 3.24 billion USD (accounting for 16%). China and Hong Kong, Taiwan respectively ranked next when this group has a total of 158 projects with 5 billion USD in investment capital (accounting for 24%). With such a ratio, it can be seen that Korean, Japanese, and Chinese enterprises continue to be identified as potential partners of Hai Phong with many opportunities to expand and attract capital.

Specifically, Korea in 2022 has actively implemented many effective investment promotion activities. However, in recent post-Covid years, the country has introduced many regulations and incentives to attract investors back to domestic production such as tax exemptions and reductions, fees, land rent, and preferential loans. preferential treatment, visa support for workers, recruitment subsidies... This will inevitably affect the flow of Korean FDI abroad. The Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority has now carried out investment promotion activities with a clear goal in view of the LG Complex with more than 7 billion USD, which is an important focus to attract satellite businesses and investors. auxiliary production for this group. In addition, new areas of cooperation in research and development, promoting technology transfer, enhancing connectivity,

For Japan, 2023 is associated with the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries to open up new opportunities for Hai Phong City to promote information exchange and investment promotion activities. Japan is one of the countries with the earliest FDI capital to invest in Hai Phong and is currently ranked 2nd in terms of capital with many well-known enterprises such as Bridgestone, Kyocera, Shin-Etsu, Robotech, Nippo Pharma... focusing on the fields of processing industry, manufacturing metal products, medical products, telecommunications accessories, and technology… Similar to Korea, Japan also has many new policies in production shifting, Of which, a significant amount is spent 2 billion USD to support enterprises to bring production chains back home, but there are still many supports for Japanese enterprises to move production to the region. Taking advantage of the restructuring of the above supply chain and the economic connection between Vietnam and Japan with breakthroughs in high technology, Hai Phong completely has many bases to attract capital from this country. In the past time, many Japanese investors with big brands such as AEON Mall, Nikko Hotel, and Kajima... have invested in real estate in Hai Phong, opening a signal for the presence of Japanese FDI inflows will increase in the coming time. According to some surveys, Japanese investors tend to specialize in industrial zones for Japanese businesses with ready-made infrastructure and factories, easy procedures, and fluent Japanese-language human resources. Thus, the focus on creating and exploiting competitive advantages to meet the needs of Japanese investors will certainly be supported by the Economic Zone Management Board and infrastructure, service, and business enterprises.

With China and the territories of Taiwan and Hong Kong, investors from this region also account for a significant part of FDI projects in Hai Phong. In the previous year, the city successfully organized a series of investment promotion conferences (in Hai Phong and Taiwan) to approach, and introduce its investment environment, create a good impression, and create favorable conditions for investors. opens up many cooperation opportunities with partners. Taiwan is currently the location of many large enterprises and corporations in many high-tech fields such as electromechanics, electronics, auto components, chip production, etc., in which many fields are suitable for the business environment. businesses in Hai Phong such as automobiles, high-tech products... Along with that, Taiwanese enterprises are operating stably and successfully in Hai Phong such as corporations: Pegatron, Lite-On, and Chilisin… are all aiming to build and develop a satellite network and form a production ecosystem in Hai Phong, opening up many potentials to attract FDI for the city. Sticking to that orientation, the Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority in 2023 will continue to promote investment promotion activities with Taiwan; promoting the expansion of activities of enterprises that have invested in Hai Phong, connecting cooperation in training and human resource development, ready to welcome the wave of investment shift from Taiwan out of Greater China. green. However, it must be recognized that the wave of investment displacement from China of global enterprises is generally a long-term strategy, and cannot happen in a short time when in fact, the shift has only formed the trend of "China +1" from major investors in the world to restructure production and look for new investment locations. Hai Phong and businesses still have enough time to promote their strengths, continue to improve the quality of the investment environment, and prepare ready-made resources to invite and welcome them.

Besides, countries such as Singapore, the US, and Europe also rate Hai Phong as an attractive investment destination for large enterprises such as General Electronic (USA), Deep C Industrial Park (Belgium), ZF Automotive (USA) Netherlands)… Through promotion activities, Hai Phong wishes to welcome investors to the city in fields such as digital technology, green economy, circular economy, seaport logistics smart; emerging specialized technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, automation, a network of things connected to the internet, medical technology, pharmacy; recycled energy; clean technology and waste treatment; develop startup ecosystem and venture capital,... Along with that, cooperate with investors to establish innovation, research, and development centers to attract a quality workforce. high to work in the city, creating spillover effects, increasing the attractiveness of high-tech industrial production projects; promote cooperation in the development of the logistics industry and modern industrial infrastructure to maximize the city's advantages.

Thus, in order to attract investment with the highest efficiency, the Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority has made comprehensive assessments and views to build a focused investment promotion plan, targeting the markets. Traditionally such as Japan, Korea, China... It can be clearly seen that by promoting investment promotion in potential markets, developed countries will receive many benefits from Vietnam's accession to other countries. Free trade agreements, as well as taking advantage of the city's advantages in terms of geographical location, seaports, labor resources...


List of companies in Industrial parks in Hai Phong:


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