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Nghe An industrial parks and economic zones attract VND 30,000 billion of investment capital

In 2022, industrial parks and Southeast Economic Zone, Nghe An province have attracted 32 new investment projects and 14 adjusted capital increase projects; total newly and additionally adjusted investment capital reached more than VND 30,100 billion, up 230% over the same period in 2021, 50% higher than the plan.

In 2022, industrial parks and Southeast Economic Zones also attract a large amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) with 17 newly licensed projects and 6 adjusted capital increase projects with a total registered investment capital signed to reach over USD 890 million/plan of USD 400 million, up 196% over the same period in 2021, exceeding 123% of the plan and accounting for 94% of the total FDI invested in Nghe An province.

That result makes an important contribution to Nghe An province for the first time in the top 10 provinces attracting the highest foreign investment capital in the country.

Accumulated up to now, the Southeast Economic Zone and industrial zones in the province have attracted 283 investment projects with a total registered capital of over VND 104,740 billion. There are 68 FDI projects, total registered investment capital is nearly USD 2,235 million; accounting for nearly 59% of the number of projects and over 87% of the total FDI in the province.

The project to build the Vuon Cau residential area in Nghe An with an investment of more than VND 370 billion

Catching up with the wave of shifting and expanding investment of production chains, in nearly 3 years the Covid-19 pandemic has been complicated, but industrial parks: VSIP, WHA, and Hoang Mai I still successfully attracted 4 FDI investors in the global supply chain in the field of technology, such as Goertek, Everwin, JuTeng, Luxshare ICT, with a total investment capital of USD 1.23 billion, creating an important foundation and foundation to form a technology and electronics center of the North Central region.

The export value of enterprises in industrial zones and Southeast economic zones reached VND 21,300 billion, up 45% over the same period in 2021, accounting for 37% of the province's export turnover. The total number of employees working in the Southeast Economic Zone and industrial zones is 30,000 workers, the average income is VND 7.3 million per person/month.

In order to continue to improve the infrastructure to maintain and increase the pace of investment attraction and create new development motivation for industrial parks and Southeast Economic Zones, the Southeast Economic Zone Management Board and localities accelerated the construction of infrastructure of 3 key industrial parks (VSIP 1, WHA phase 2, Hoang Mai 1); speeding up the approval of investment policy in 2 infrastructure projects of Tho Loc A Industrial Park, phase 1 (VSIP 2), Hoang Mai 2; prepare conditions for further development of new industrial parks (WHA phase 3, 4; Tho Loc B, Nghia Dan,...); accelerate the implementation of investment and construction of Cua Lo deep-water port, social housing construction projects.

The Southeast Nghe An Economic Zone was established in 2007 by the Prime Minister with an area of ​​18,826ha; after two times the Prime Minister adjusted the boundary of the Southeast Nghe An Economic Zone, the area was expanded to 20,776ha, the area of ​​26 communes, wards and townships in the districts: Nghi Loc, Dien Chau, Hung Nguyen; Hoang Mai town, Cua Lo town and Vinh city.

(Vietnam Finance)


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