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Localities in Vietnam strive to disburse public investment capital "sprint"

There is just over 1 month left until the end of the year, while the country's public investment disbursement rate has only reached over half of the plan. Localities are focusing all their efforts, and the entire political system is participating to speed up this "sprint".

Localities in Vietnam strive to disburse public investment
Photo: Thoi bao Tai chinh

Many localities are determined to disburse over 90% of the plan

With the determination to bring the country's disbursement rate to at least 95% of the public investment capital plan, in addition to efforts to implement common solutions, depending on reality, each locality has additional private solutions.

Reality has proven that many localities have risen to the top of the country in terms of high disbursement rates. According to a report from the Ministry of Finance, with disbursement reaching 92% of the capital plan assigned by the Prime Minister by the end of October, Thua Thien-Hue province is currently leading the country. Next are Dong Thap, Tien Giang, and Vinh Phuc provinces, all of which have disbursement rates of over 80%.

There is just over 1 month left until the end of the year and more than 2 more months to disburse the 2023 capital plan (payment is allowed until January 31 of next year). Therefore, localities with high disbursement rates are trying to complete all assigned capital plans. Localities with disbursement rates lower than or equal to the national average are trying twice as hard to disburse as high as possible.

Ha Giang is a mountainous province with many difficulties, so promoting the disbursement of government capital will help the local economy develop. However, the province's disbursement progress is still slow. According to this province's report, as of mid-November, over VND 3,560 billion had been disbursed, reaching over 59% of the capital plan. Among the investors (investors) assigned large capital resources, there are 22 investors disbursing above the provincial average; 12 investors disbursed below average.

The reason why disbursement has not met the target is that some departments, branches, districts, and towns are still not drastic in directing implementation; Site clearance work is still slow; The survey and preparation of project design documents were not consistent with reality... leading to adjustments. In order to speed up the disbursement of the remaining capital, Ha Giang province is focusing on drastically implementing solutions. Investors with large amounts of allocated capital and assigned to manage key projects are determined to speed up construction progress and strive to "win the sun and beat the rain" to disburse all committed capital sources.

As a district with a new disbursement rate of about 55%, below the average of Ha Giang province, Vi Xuyen district also sets its determination and commitment to disbursement at the highest level. Accordingly, this district is focusing on resolving difficulties in materials, completing payment procedures, finalizing completed projects, and handing them over for use.

Bac Giang is currently the only City. Bac Giang and Tien Yen district disbursement reached more than 70%. The project management boards of the province and the remaining districts have slow disbursement progress. The reason for the slow disbursement in Bac Giang lies in not having enough capital. According to the province's general reflection, the Government's capital is deducted 60% from land use revenue, meanwhile, the province's results of collecting this money this year are low, so capital has not been allocated as planned to disburse for the province. works.

To speed up disbursement progress, many units and projects in Bac Giang province have cut and transferred capital. For example, Lang Giang district has cut down the categories of some projects, with a total budget of about 100 billion VND to allocate capital for a number of other projects under construction with rapid progress...

Localities in Vietnam strive to disburse public investment

Replace the leader if things are not done well

As of November 10, City. Ho Chi Minh City has just disbursed more than 25,800 billion VND, reaching 38% of the total allocated capital. City. Ho Chi Minh is on the list of localities with a disbursement rate lower than the national average.

To reach the target of 95%, the city launched a 60-day and night-long competition to disburse capital. Currently, investors are focusing on accelerating the implementation of projects, of which 48 investors have committed to disbursement of 95%.

At the symposium on disbursement of government capital, the City. Recently organized by Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Van Nen - Secretary of the City Party Committee. Ho Chi Minh said that through actual inspection, there is still a situation of "hot on top, not hot on the bottom". When asked, unit and local leaders have a very clear understanding and report in detail, but on the contrary, others have to wait to check and report back.

Accordingly, to promote the role of the "economic locomotive" of the country, the City Party Secretary requests leaders of districts, cities, and investors to make clear commitments for the remainder of the year and once further emphasis on promoting the role of the unit leader when tasks are not completed. In particular, the City Party Secretary mentioned changing people if they cannot do it...

It can be seen that the high determination of localities in disbursing investment capital will create strong progress for this work at the end of the year. The national disbursement target of 95% may not be feasible as many recent comments have suggested, but with what localities have been doing, we still expect a positive result for each dollar of capital to be developed. exert strong effectiveness in society.

Positive signals from traffic project disbursement

By the end of October 2023, the Ministry of Transport's disbursement of public investment capital will reach about 63,500 billion VND, equal to 68% of the year's plan. Compared to the same period in 2022, disbursement results are higher in both value and ratio (more than 2.2 times the value, ratio 16% higher). This speed contributes significantly to the overall achievement of the country.

(Thoi bao Tai chinh)

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