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Hanoi strives to attract 400 million USD in investment in 2023

On the evening of December 28, the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and Export Processing Zones held an on-site investment promotion conference in industrial parks in Hanoi in 2022. Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Manh Quyen attended and delivered an important speech.

Overview of the on-site investment promotion conference in industrial zones in Hanoi city in 2022

Photo: Hiza

Attending the Conference were delegates from the Ministry of Planning and Investment: Mr. Do Nhat Hoang, Director of the Foreign Investment Department; Mr. Le Thanh Quan, Director of the Department of Management of Economic Zones; Mr. Nguyen Manh Quyen, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee and all officials, civil servants and employees of Management Board of Industrial Parks - Hanoi CX, investors in industrial zones and Hanoi CX; Central and local press agencies attended and reported.

Hanoi Industrial Parks - Successful destinations for investors

At the Conference, the General Report on the results that Hanoi Industrial Parks have achieved in 2022, the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs said that from the beginning of the year until now, Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs have attracted investors. invested 359.5 million USD equivalent, up 20% compared to 2021; which has attracted 10 new projects with registered capital of 8.5 million USD and 611 billion dongs; 18 expansion investment projects with registered capital of 307.7 million USD and 385 billion VND. Total FDI in industrial zones accounts for more than 20% of the total investment capital of the whole city.

Currently, in Hanoi, there are 9 operating industrial zones with a total area of ​​1,670.6 ha. 3 IPs have been established and are in the process of implementing infrastructure construction with a total area of ​​663.4ha, including Quang Minh II Industrial Park, an area of ​​160ha; Hanoi Bio-High-Tech Park, an area of 200.6ha; Soc Son Clean Industrial Park, area 302.8ha.

Up to now, industrial zones in Hanoi have attracted 706 projects in operation, including 302 FDI projects with registered capital of over 6.4 billion USD; 404 DDI investment projects with registered capital of over VND 18,600 billion.

In 2022, the production and business situation of Hanoi industrial park and CX enterprises is relatively stable, reflected in key indicators such as revenue estimated at 8.1 billion USD, and payment to the state budget. the country is estimated to reach 300 million USD, increasing by 4.1% and 9.6% respectively compared to 2021; export turnover is estimated at over 5.1 billion USD, and import is estimated at around 4.3 billion USD, up 4.3% and 4.7% respectively compared to 2021.

The results of investment and business activities in Hanoi's industrial zones have made an important contribution to the development of the industry, as well as the socio-economic development of the city, continuously increasing the next year's budget revenue higher than the previous year. before. Up to now, Hanoi IZs and EPZs have attracted and created jobs for about 16.6 thousand workers with stable incomes.

Housing area of ​​workers in North Thang Long Industrial Park, Hanoi

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Need to improve management efficiency and sustainable development of industrial zones

Attending and speaking at the Conference, on behalf of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Mr. Le Thanh Quan, Director of the Department of Economic Zones Management congratulated the achievements in attracting investment in the city. Hanoi in general and industrial parks and export processing zones in the city in particular in 2022.

Sharing about the successes of industrial zones and economic zones nationwide achieved over the past 30 years, Mr. Le Thanh Quan said that after more than 30 years of development, the whole country has 411 industrial zones and 18 coastal economic zones. sea, 26 border gate economic zones. Industrial zones and economic zones play an increasingly important role in total budget revenue, creating jobs, contributing to improving competitiveness, accelerating the process of industrialization and modernization, and promoting the process of international economic integration. the economy of Vietnam, especially the participation in global value chains, to improve the quality of human resources, create a driving force for technological innovation and enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, which is the destination of many domestic enterprises. major corporations in the world.

Objectively assessing Hanoi's achievements in attracting investment, Mr. Quan said that Hanoi city has many competitive advantages such as Relatively synchronous and convenient infrastructure; an open investment environment; Abundant and high-quality human resources. Hanoi capital is one of the attractive localities for foreign investors, especially investors in the high-tech field. FDI inflows into Hanoi in recent years have tended to increase, especially after Vietnam participated in bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements (FTAs).

Mr. Quan affirmed that the results and achievements in industrial zone development of Hanoi city are due to the correct and close direction of the City Party Committee, People's Council, City People's Committee; the coordination and support of ministries, central branches, authorities at all levels and relevant units; especially the efforts of the collective leadership and civil servants of the Management Board of Industrial Parks and Industrial Parks in Hanoi city, investors and employees in the industrial zones.

According to Mr. Quan, in the coming period, the world economy is forecasted to slow down. There are still many potential risks and challenges affecting FDI inflows. The development context of our country's industrial zones has changed with advantages and disadvantages intertwined. Therefore, the development of industrial zones and economic zones needs policies to take advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and improve the efficiency of foreign investment attraction and cooperation according to Resolution No. 50-NQ/TW of the Politburo. Along with that, the orientations and guidelines of the Party and the State's policies in recent times set requirements for improving the efficiency of the development of industrial zones and economic zones in the direction of sustainable development and innovating the development model. development and land use efficiency. Therefore, concretizing guidelines and policies on industrial zones and economic zones, especially perfecting institutions and policies to ensure industrial zones,

Mr. Quan added that, as the focal agency, advising on state management of industrial zones and economic zones, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has been and continues to perform tasks and solutions on development. IPs, EZs. Specifically, the Ministry advised the Government to issue Decree No. 35/2022/ND-CP, dated May 28, 2022, regulating the management of industrial zones and economic zones, in which new types of industrial zones and economic zones have been added. , amending several regulations to improve the efficiency of land use in the development of industrial zones and economic zones.

To meet the new development requirements of the Capital in particular and the whole country in general, and to promote the available strengths and potentials, Mr. Quan suggested that the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs should focus on implementing good some of the following:

Firstly, focus on attracting investment to fill the South Hanoi supporting industrial zone and deploying investment in Soc Son clean industrial zone; at the same time continue to promote reform of administrative procedures; take care of building housing, service works, public utilities for employees working in industrial zones so that investors can rest assured to invest and do long-term business in the capital.

Second, speed up the review and adjustment of the planning, to create a legal basis to attract infrastructure investors to deploy new industrial park projects.

Third, focus on the new industrial park models specified in Decree No. 35/2022/ND-CP, which are specialized industrial zones, supporting industrial zones, high-tech industrial zones, ecological industrial zones, urban - service industrial zones. service; orient and pilot several industry clusters to form production networks, and supply chains and participate more deeply in global value chains. At the same time, gradually transform existing industrial zones into ecological and high-tech industrial zones, ensuring an urban environment, sustainable development, and close and effective coordination with neighboring localities.

Fourth, proactively deal with business recommendations, create a reliable address, and have absolute trust for businesses and investors when operating in industrial zones, making an important contribution to the development of enterprises. economy and society of the City.

Mr. Le Thanh Quan expects: “ We believe that with the leadership of the Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee of Hanoi City, the efforts of the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CX, authorities at all levels, agencies Agencies, units, and investors, together with the coordination and support of central ministries and branches, the development of EPZs and IZs in the coming time will achieve the development goals set by the City and is a reliable destination for domestic and foreign investors”.

Hanoi is committed to accompanying investors and businesses

Mr. Nguyen Manh Quyen, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee praised and recognized the achievements of Hanoi industrial parks and CX in general and the essential contributions of domestic and foreign enterprises and investors in the city. industrial zones in particular for the socio-economic development of Hanoi city during the past time.

Excited to hear about the flourishing investment attraction of Hanoi's industrial zones, as well as that of the city, Mr. Quyen said that foreign-invested projects in industrial zones have made important contributions to the country's economic growth. industrial development of the City.

Since 1994, Noi Bai Industrial Park and Thang Long Industrial Park have attracted the attention of construction investors from Malaysia and Japan. Up to now, there have been more than 300 large foreign investors investing in industrial zones in the city. That shows the very important role of foreign investors in promoting and attracting new investors and new projects to IPs.

Since the beginning of the year, the city has attracted USD 1.54 billion in FDI, up 11.6%; in which, 328 new projects with total investment capital of 206 million USD; 181 times of capital increase with total investment capital of 791.1 million USD; 356 projects contributed capital with the contributed capital of 543.4 million USD. Attracting non-budget DDI investment including 30 new projects with an investment capital of 53,614 billion VND; 4 projects adjusted to increase capital by 13,244 billion VND.

According to Vice Chairman Nguyen Manh Quyen, in recent years, the city has paid special attention to investment attraction activities and is committed to pioneering in creating a favorable business and investment environment, accompanying businesses. The city has had drastic directions in building e-government, increasing the application of information technology, and reviewing and simplifying administrative procedures. Many public services directly related to enterprises can be performed 100% in the online environment such as business registration, tax, customs, social insurance; registration of land use rights, construction permits, etc. At the same time, the city continues to promote administrative reform by authorizing the Management Board of Industrial Parks and CXs to be the focal point for settlement under the "one-stop shop" mechanism. “connected” with all administrative procedures in the industrial park investment, construction planning, labor, environment, etc.

With the current clean land fund and the plan to put 2 to 5 new or expanded IPs into operation from now to 2025, Hanoi city needs to call for hundreds of foreign investment projects in the field of supporting industries. support, bio-high-tech projects, and industrial projects using highly-skilled labor. Prioritize attracting high-tech and new technology projects, using and creating clean, environment-friendly energy; focus on calling for large-scale projects, and highly competitive products to join the global value chain of transnational corporations.

Vice President of Hanoi City Nguyen Manh Quyen presents flowers and rewards to enterprises in Hanoi's IZs and EPZs with excellent achievements in production activities in 2022

Photo: Hiza

In addition, Hanoi city is reviewing the development plan of industrial zones for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. It is expected to propose additional planning and development of 5 new industrial parks and industrial parks to expand and develop. from 2025 to 2030, in which industrial park models can be planned suitable to the stage of higher economic development such as hi-tech industrial parks, industrial-urban - service zones, and industrial zones. ecological industry.

" The City government is committed to accompanying and creating the most favorable conditions for investors and large corporations to have a long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial investment and business environment," said Quyen. determined. He also said that this is the first time the city has organized a big event on on-site investment promotion exclusively for foreign enterprises in industrial zones. He expects and believes that through this conference, many businesses and investors will continue to choose Hanoi as a stopover to expand investment and business and act as a bridge to support the city to connect. with foreign investors around the world. At the same time, we look forward to hearing and receiving information to better understand the requirements, aspirations, and extremely useful and creative suggestions from investors.

Mr. Quyen suggested that, in the coming time, to complete the tasks, thereby contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the City, the units need to focus on performing well several tasks. specifically the following:

Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs: Continue to perform well its task of being the focal point to receive and handle administrative procedures in the Industrial Park, providing public administrative services and other support services for businesses. enterprises in the industrial zone. Timely remove difficulties for businesses, advise the City on mechanisms and policies to promote production and business for businesses.

Departments, departments, and branches of the City; districts, and towns with industrial zones: Continue to pay close attention to and closely coordinate with the Management Board to carry out state management tasks and support enterprises in the industrial park to develop.

Enterprises in industrial zones: It is necessary to well implement the provisions of the law, focus on promoting production and business, taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees, and contributing to economic stability and development - of society in the City.

Hanoi industrial zones are ready to "roll out the red carpet" to welcome investors

On behalf of the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs, Mr. Le Quang Long, Head of the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs, would like to thank leaders of units from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, leaders of Ha Noi city. Cabinet and departments and agencies of the City; leaders of the People's Committees of districts with industrial zones have supported and created all favorable conditions for the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and CXs to well perform their assigned tasks; In particular, the efforts and efforts of enterprises in industrial zones in the city have made an important contribution to promoting strong development of industrial zones and achieving much success in 2022.

Mr. Long expressed his hope that in the coming time, to successfully carry out the construction and development of industrial zones and industrial parks in Hanoi to develop faster and stronger by the direction of the City, the Management Board wishes to continue to receive the attention of leaders of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, leaders of Hanoi City, and the close coordination of departments, branches and People's Committees of districts with industrial zones in the city.

“ In the coming time, the Management Board commits to make more efforts to create all favorable conditions, support and accompany businesses. We will work together to develop it shortly. I hope that together, we will overcome difficulties and win,” said Mr. Long.


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