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Hanoi has promoted trade promotion programs for the agriculture sector

Every year the city organizes dozens of fairs to help cooperatives and businesses participate in promoting and introducing safe agricultural products to customers.

Hà Nội’s agriculture sector has promoted trade promotion programs and organized fairs to help cooperatives and enterprises sell agricultural products in the capital city


Head of Hà Nội Sub-Department for Quality Management of Agro, Forestry and Fisheries Products Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng said: “The city has 25 trade centers and 141 supermarkets, mainly concentrated in the inner city; 454 markets, including two wholesale markets for agricultural products, more than 1,000 convenience stores, 786 safe fruit stores, and more than 128 business chains of agricultural products and food.”

Every year the city organizes dozens of fairs to help cooperatives and businesses participate in promoting and introducing safe agricultural products to customers.

Hằng added: "Participating in the trade promotion program has helped cooperatives and businesses gradually renew their thinking and awareness in economic management and corporate governance, constantly improving the quality and value of products served. Many cooperatives reached agreements and signed hundreds of contracts to sell products, supply meat, fish, vegetables, tubers, and fruits of all kinds, as well as safe and quality processed food with high-quality standards. They have signed deals with distribution agents, restaurants, collective kitchens, and supermarket systems such as Saigon Coop, Lotte, and Walmart.”

Director of Từ Tâm Trading and Clean Food Processing Joint Stock Company Đinh Thị Hải Yến said the company currently offers more than 20 products, such as spring rolls, fried rice nuggets, mackerel rolls, and squid rolls. In order to promote consumption, the company has participated in trade promotion programs and fairs organized by the city's agriculture industry. Thanks to product quality, on average, the company provides consumers with 60kg of processed food every day, and up to 400-500 kg on peak days at convenience stores.

Trade promotion efforts have recorded certain achievements, but there are still many difficulties because many good, high-value agricultural products have not been distributed by enterprises. Trade promotion activities often focus on maintaining, searching, and expanding markets to sell the goods, and are not yet associated with product development activities so that they can sell products the market requires.

To promote the consumption of agricultural products, the Director of Hương Ngải Agricultural Cooperative, in Thạch Thất District, Nguyễn Đỗ Ban suggested, in addition to improving product quality, the sector should support cooperatives in connecting supply - demand through seminars, fairs, and signing contracts with enterprises.

Hằng said that the Sub-Department regularly introduced facilities for production, preliminary processing, and processing for sale that meet food safety requirements in Hà Nội and provinces and cities across the country in order to coordinate and promote the consumption of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products. It also introduced businesses, production, and business establishments participating in fairs and weeks organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the People's Committee of Hà Nội. Along with that, it strengthened communication and promotion of processed agricultural products, changing consumer habits from consuming products that lack a certified origin to safe food products.

According to the Director of the Hà Nội Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Chu Phú Mỹ, the agriculture sector cooperates with other departments and branches to build a market information and forecast system in order to improve the consumption of processed agricultural products in Hà Nội. It helps promote Hà Nội's links with provinces and cities across the country; and promotes the supply of input materials for processing and consumption of processed products.

Hà Nội's agriculture sector advises the city on policies to develop markets and promote trade in agricultural products; as well as financial support for establishments participating in domestic and foreign trade promotion fairs.

Regarding the overall and long-term tasks, Mỹ said: “In addition, the department will continue to accompany businesses to participate in trade promotion programs, through organizing more online seminars, linking with trading floors and e-commerce platforms, connecting social networking sites to help businesses find opportunities to exploit the market and sell products."

He added that Hà Nội's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development would also connect with provinces and cities to introduce businesses and cooperatives to bring goods to regional or national agricultural trade fairs to expand opportunities.

Source: VNS


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