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Express delivery service is expected to explode strongly in the near future

With the explosion of demand for goods trading and information exchange today, domestic delivery services are also developing rapidly. This is one of the important supporting industries for e-commerce. According to economic experts, Vietnam's express delivery is experiencing outstanding growth in recent years. This industry is also considered to be among the top in the region and will accelerate in the next 10-20 years.

Cargo delivery is a service that collects, receives, and transports goods and items in optimal time, applicable to online and offline business customers nationwide. The service provides many incentives related to collection fees, refunds, receiving goods at multiple addresses, and using warehouses... The feature of the service is that the sender will have to pay a fee to the shipping units to be able to use the service, but in return the sender's goods are transported safely, meeting the shipping requirements.

Previously, to receive goods, it took customers 3-4 days, even 1 week, but now with the strong explosion of fast delivery services, delivery and receipt times are shortened to the maximum. The competition in terms of speed, time, and quality of transportation in the province has become stronger and stronger with many postal, shipping, and delivery businesses participating in the market such as Giao Hang Nhanh, J&T Express, Vietnam Post, Viettel Post, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem, etc., setting up headquarters and developing a network of transit warehouses and post offices throughout the province.

Covid-19 - the cause of the boom in Vietnam's express delivery market

Covid-19 is the driving force driving market demand as well as the investment of businesses in the field of e-commerce. If in the past, selling online was the choice of small businesses and spontaneous entrepreneurs, now, large businesses and B2B sales units also develop websites, apps, or open accounts on e-commerce platforms.

In the process of growth, e-commerce leads to the development of many related fields, such as electronic payment, supporting businesses, and especially express delivery. From post office delivery, online buyers and sellers today are familiar with home delivery - "door to door". More and more units are participating in the field of delivery, investing in large-scale distribution centers, and applying modern technology to shorten delivery time and reduce delivery costs.

Vietnam Post (VNPost)

Formed based on implementing the pilot project to form the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT Group) approved by the Prime Minister. VNPost operates with the mission of bringing the best service to the community, and at the same time connecting everyone with quality, friendly, and modern services that bring a different experience and value to each customer. The fields that contribute to VNPost's impressive achievements are postal delivery, postal finance, media distribution, and public administration.

VNPost is the leading revenue brand in the express delivery market. Revenue has fluctuated slightly over the years around VND 24 trillion. In 2022, the revenue reached nearly VND 24.5 trillion, down 0.9% compared to 2021 and up nearly 2% compared to 2020. In terms of profit after tax, although not leading the market, the profit was still at the top. Specifically, profit after tax was always positive and reached hundreds of billions of dollars per year. In 2020, the profit reached nearly 380 billion VND. This profit figure increased by more than 50% compared to 2021 and decreased by more than 46% in 2022, reaching nearly VND 310 billion.

Viettel Post

Viettel Post is a subsidiary of the Military Telecommunications Group (Viettel) with a nationwide network. Promoting the characteristics of the army comprehensively, Viettel Post gives the impression of the main cooperation units: accurate, careful, and thorough. Currently, Viettel Post owns a network of more than 2000 post offices, stores, more than 2000 collection agents, nearly 40 thousand professional employees, and 3000 trucks of all kinds operating 24/24, with a delivery success rate always reaching 95%.

Viettel Post's revenue ranks second in the express delivery market. Revenue increased slightly in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, revenue reached nearly VND 18.7 trillion. Viettel Post's 2022 profit increased by VND 100 billion, up 1% over the same period last year. However, after-tax profit had a slight decrease in two years. Specifically, in 2021, profit after tax reached nearly 300 billion VND. By 2022, profit decreased by 14% and recorded a profit of VND 250 billion.

DHL Express

DHL is the first international express delivery carrier to enter the Vietnamese market. DHL connects people around the world from more than 220 countries and territories. Powered by more than 600 thousand employees, the brand offers integrated services and customized solutions for the management and transportation of mail, goods, and information.

In 2022, DHL's revenue reached nearly VND 8200 billion, down 11% compared to 2021 and up 62% compared to 2020. Although the revenue was not at the top, DHL's 2022 profit ranked first in the express delivery field, reaching more than VND 880 billion, up 50% compared to 2021 and up more than 180% compared to 2020.

Giao Hang Tiet Kiem

Giao Hang Tiet Kiem Joint Stock Company is a professional shipping company for logistics; that specializes in providing door-to-door delivery and cash-on-delivery services for online stores and businesses. The advantage of GHTK is its fast speed, wide network coverage across the country, and especially the flexible service mindset based on technology.

Launched in 2013, after 5 years of operation, GHTK has been voted as the Top 1 favorite carrier on the e-commerce floor. The brand has coverage in 63 provincial centers across the country with a scale of more than 1000 operation centers and 550 branches.

The brand's revenue fluctuated slightly in 2020 and 2021 at around VND 6900 billion and increased sharply in 2022, reaching more than VND 8600 billion, up 25% compared to revenue 2 years ago. In terms of profit after tax, the profit in 2020 reached VND 520 billion. This number decreased to 42% in 2021, reaching VND 300 billion, and increased to 105% in 2020, reaching nearly VND 620 billion.

J&T Express

Founded in 2015 in Indonesia, J&T Express is an IT-based and trend-following express delivery company in the e-commerce industry. With continuous development, J&T Express is now present in 10 countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

Present in the Vietnam market in July 2018, J&T Express owns a wide network of 63 provinces and cities to support fast freight forwarding activities, covering major cities, remote areas, or islands throughout Vietnam.

In the period from 2020 to 2022, J&T's revenue recorded a continuous increase. In 2022, revenue reached more than VND 4100 billion, up 5% compared to 2021 and up 71% compared to 2020. Although revenue was in the middle of the market, J&T's profit recorded a very high loss. Profit in 2020 recorded a loss of more than VND 490 billion. This loss increased to a negative VND 600 billion in 2021 and reduced loss by 20% in 2022, reaching a negative level of nearly VND 480 billion.


EMS is one of the oldest reputable express delivery companies in Vietnam. Although formerly known as the Vietnam post office, the express delivery service of EMS has only recently developed.

Officially put into operation on January 1, 2006. EMS is the only unit authorized by Vietnam Post Corporation to manage, operate and trade domestic and international EMS express delivery services. EMS is also the global delivery service brand of the world postal union UPU, which is currently being exploited by the post offices of nearly 200 countries and territories around the world.

EMS's revenue also fluctuated in 3 years. In 2020, revenue reached more than 1900 billion. Revenue increased by 30% in 2021 and decreased by 10% in 2022, reaching more than VND 2200 billion. In terms of profit after tax, EMS's profit reached more than VND 70 billion in 2022, increasing of 5% compared to 2021 and 25% compared to 2020.

Giao Hang Nhanh

GHN was officially established in July 2012 with the mission to serve the professional shipping needs of e-commerce partners nationwide. In 2015, GHN conquered 100% of 63 provinces and cities, owning a nationwide delivery network to even remote islands. A year later, GHN launched the GHN post office system nationwide, by 2019 the total number of GHN post offices officially exceeded 500 post offices.

GHN's revenue in the period from 2020 to 2022, recorded a continuous increase. In 2022, revenue reached more than VND 3600 billion, up 48% compared to 2021 and 86% compared to 2020. The profit of Giao Hang Nhanh has a remarkable growth. In 2020, the brand's after-tax profit still recorded a negative level of more than VND 90 billion. In 2021, profit reached a positive level of VND 4 billion and increased significantly by more than 1900%, reaching nearly VND 90 billion in 2022.

Nhat Tin Logistic

Nhat Tin Logistics was officially established on June 2, 2024. From its inception date, the business has set the mission of "More than a service" and always tries to do its best today. With coverage across 63 provinces, Nhat Tin has built a network of about 400 post offices with more than 36 thousand corporate customers and 10 thousand individual customers.

In the period from 2020 to 2022, Nhat Tin's revenue recorded a continuous increase. In 2022, revenue reached more than VND 1000 billion, up 20% compared to 2021 and up more than 56% compared to 2020. Although revenue recorded nearly VND 1000 billion, J&T's profit recorded a negative loss in 2021 and 2022. Profit in 2020 recorded a positive VND 18 billion. By 2021, the business recorded a negative loss of more than VND 20 billion and increased by 22% in 2022, reaching a negative VND 26 billion.

Kerry Express

Kerry Express is a shipping company established in 2001, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience in the domestic and international express delivery market. This is a delivery brand that is favored by many businesses because this company meets international express delivery standards.

Kerry's revenue in 2020 and 2021 recorded a slight decrease of 10%, from nearly VND 320 billion to nearly VND 290 billion. Profit after tax recorded a negative loss in 2021 and 2022. Specifically, profit after tax in 2020 reached nearly VND 130 billion. By 2021, the business recorded a negative loss of VND 50 billion. After that, the loss decreased by 86% in 2022 and reached negative 7 billion.


Established in 1971 with headquarters located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Express delivery services at FedEx are diverse for businesses to easily choose from depending on their size. In the Vietnam market, on September 26, 2017, FedEx Trade Networks company (belonging to FedEx Corporation, USA), officially announced the launch and is headquartered in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Regarding the business situation, in the period from 2020 to 2022, FedEx's revenue and profit after tax recorded a continuous increase. In 2022, revenue reached more than VND 500 billion, an increase of 14% compared to 2021 and an increase of nearly 24% compared to 2020. In terms of profit, in 2022, the brand's profit after tax reached more than VND 140 billion, an increase of 23% compared to 2021 and 63% compared to 2020.


247Express is a shipping company with 17 years of operation in the Vietnam market. For many years, it has always been on the list of reputable courier companies.

Established in 2005, this is one of the shipping companies providing a wide range of services from domestic to international markets. 247Express is a familiar brand suggested to use service in the prestigious courier vote. With a system of 200 post offices, covering 63/63 provinces across the country, it is capable of meeting the transportation needs to the farthest places on the map of Vietnam.

247Express's revenue recorded a continuous increase in the 3 years. In 2022, revenue reached more than 650 billion, up 45% compared to 2021 and increased by nearly 62% compared to 2020. However, profits fluctuate from year to year. Specifically, in 2020, the theoretical profit reached VND 4 billion. This number increased by 190% in 2021, reaching VND 11 billion. Then, it dropped to 20% at VND 9 billion in 2022.

In the current era of globalization, delivery brands are always trusted by businesses to meet the needs for fast delivery of goods to customers. Therefore, to be able to develop in the market, brands should apply technology and develop software according to international standards for easy integration and convenience for businesses, as well as large and small sellers. At the same time, always improve service, freight rates, and delivery speed to compete with domestic brands as well as international brands.

Source: Vietdata's 2022 Express Delivery Service Market Report


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