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Business results for seaport and logistics enterprises in Vietnam mostly improved in the Q1

Business results of seaport and logistics enterprises mostly improved in the first quarter, partly opening up a future of recovery after a difficult 2023.

In the first 4 months of the year, along with the recovery of the world market, export orders increased, helping import and export activities to flourish. According to data from the General Statistics Office, total import and export turnover of goods is estimated at 238.88 billion USD , up 15.2% over the same period. Of which, exports increased by 15% and imports increased by 15.4%. The trade balance of goods has a surplus of 8.4 billion USD , higher than the figure of 7.66 billion USD in 2023.

Business results for seaport and logistics enterprises in Vietnam

Regarding the market, the US leads in exports with an estimated turnover of 34.1 billion USD , on the contrary, China is the largest import market, with an estimated turnover of 41.6 billion USD .

Despite growth, according to the General Statistics Office, Vietnam's import and export activities in 2024, especially exports to key markets such as Europe and America, will have both advantages and challenges.

News from the Maritime Administration, the total volume of goods through seaports in the first 4 months of 2024 reached 277.231 million tons (excluding goods in transit without loading or unloading at the port), an increase of 20% over the same period. For containerized goods, throughput of seaports reached 9,302 million Teus, an increase of 27%.

The Maritime Administration said that this is the third consecutive month that the volume of goods through the seaport has grown over 20% over the same period, because the same period last year was the month with the sharpest decrease since the establishment of the Maritime Administration. COVID-19 epidemic.

According to statistics from VietstockFinance for 25 seaport and logistics enterprises on the stock exchange ( HOSE , HNX and UPCoM), total revenue and net profit in the first quarter of 2024 are nearly 11.3 trillion VND and more than 1.5 trillion VND, respectively increased 2% and 47% over the same period. There were 14 businesses whose profits increased, 8 businesses whose profits decreased, 2 businesses that turned profits and 1 business that continued to lose money.

In general, the business results of seaport and logistics enterprises have improved and partly opened up the future of recovery after a difficult year 2023, the domestic and foreign economies weakened, import turnover, exports decreased.

25 seaport and logistics enterprises on the stock exchange, total revenue and net profit in the Q1 of 2024 are nearly 11.3 trillion VND and more than 1.5 trillion VND

Many businesses grow

Among the 14 businesses that increased net profit, PSP increased the most with 579%, followed by GMD , CQN and SGP all increased over 100%.

The growth motivation of Dinh Vu Petroleum Service Port (UPCoM: PSP ) comes from other income of 4 billion VND while the same period had a loss, in addition, the Company incurred a recall of the Tukan crane warranty guarantee of more than 4 billion VND. billions dong. As a result, although revenue only increased by 12%, net profit reached 3.4 billion VND, 6.8 times higher.

Big man Gemadept ( HOSE : GMD ) net profit increased 177% to 559 billion VND. The highlight comes from financial revenue that is 17 times higher, reaching nearly 354 billion VND, after completing the transfer of Nam Hai Port Joint Stock Company, with a profit of nearly 336 billion VND.

Quang Ninh Port (UPCoM: CQN ) saw net profit growth despite revenue decline. During the period, CQN revenue was about 163 billion VND, down 36%, due to cutting all commercial business activities, instead focusing only on seaport business.

Although commodity trading accounts for a high proportion, it has almost no gross profit, so cutting this segment helps improve business efficiency significantly. Finally, CQN's net profit was 30 billion VND, an increase of 149% and the highest in the past 8 years.

Saigon Port (UPCoM: SGP ) net profit of more than 50 billion VND, an increase of 111%, supported by the growth of core activities of providing port exploitation services. Besides, the profit from financial activities is 13 times higher and there is profit again from joint ventures and affiliated companies.

Among the remaining growing businesses, Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines, UPCoM: MVN ) had outstanding profits of more than 342 billion VND, an increase of 32%. As a result, thanks to the growth of port operations, maritime services and transportation, financial activities were 4.8 times more profitable than the same period and profits in joint ventures and affiliated companies increased by 95%.

In addition to CQN's highest net profit in the first quarter in 8 years, there are also many businesses that created memorable milestones, such as Dong Nai Port ( HOSE : PDN ) profit of 85 billion VND, the highest quarterly since the time of listing in 2019. 2010. Or Tan Cang Marine Services (UPCoM: TOS ) achieved revenue of nearly 509 billion VND, an increase of 58%, the highest since the fourth quarter of 2021.

Businesses increase profits in the first quarter of 2024

Many businesses declined

There were 8 businesses that reduced profits, the strongest was HAH , which decreased by half; TCL , VSA , DXP ​​and SFI all fell over 20%

Net profit of Hai An Transportation and Stevedoring ( HOSE : HAH ) decreased by 50% amid increased revenue. According to the company's explanation, transport output increased due to the opening of additional routes, but sea freight and ship rental prices decreased, leading to a sharp decrease in ship operating profits. In addition, business activities of subsidiaries and affiliated companies are also affected, reducing profits. Thereby, HAH's net profit was more than 59 billion VND, the lowest in 13 quarters.

Tan Cang Loading and Unloading Freight Forwarding Agency ( HOSE : TCL ) has the lowest profit in 14 quarters, nearly 20 billion VND, down 36%. The reason for the decline in the Company's business activities is that the gross profit margin also decreased.

Doan Xa Port ( HNX : DXP ) net profit decreased by 26%, to nearly 7 billion VND due to a 28% decrease in port service revenue.

SAFI Transportation Agency ( HOSE : SFI ) profit decreased by 25%, to more than 16 billion VND. The impact came from a decrease in the number of shipments at subsidiaries, and at the same time, no reduction in ownership of VSC shares as in the same period.

Businesses reduce profits in the first quarter of 2024

Some people transfer profits, others continue to lose money

Chan May Port (UPCoM: CMP ) profited more than 5.7 billion VND while the same period lost more than 3.3 billion VND, thanks to the increase in cargo throughput and revenue of 56% and 123%, respectively. Thereby, CMP's accumulated loss is 11 billion VND.

River Road Management No. 3 ( HNX : DS3 ) from a loss of nearly 1.1 billion VND to a slight profit of 329 million VND, after consolidating the human resources apparatus, expanding new business areas, and restructuring investments. investment, long-term business cooperation.

DS3 still has a lot of work to do because the accumulated loss by the end of the first quarter of 2024 is nearly 26 billion VND.

Petroleum Investment and Exploitation Phuoc An Port (UPCoM: PAP ) continued to lose about 1.5 billion VND, increasing the accumulated loss to more than 15 billion VND.

CMP and DS3 turned a profit while PAP continued to lose money in the first quarter

Most implemented closely to the yearly plan

According to statistics, among the 19 businesses that have proposed a consolidation plan for 2024, including approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders and proposed to the General Meeting of Shareholders, CMP is the only case that exceeded the profit plan in the first quarter. Most businesses actually performed closely as planned, except for the cases of HAH , DXP ​​and DS3 .

Looking at the 2024 plan, only 6 businesses expect growth compared to 2023 performance, the strongest is DS3 with revenue and after-tax profit increasing by 100% and 254%. On the contrary, 9 businesses set conservative goals.

Implementation of next year's plan in the first quarter



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