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Binh Duong Industrial Park in Vietnam attracts effective investment

In the first 6 months of 2024, attracting foreign investment into the province's industrial parks (IPs) reached more than 533 million USD, an increase of 66% over the same period, reaching 44% of the year's plan; Attracted domestic investment capital of more than 1,088 billion VND, reaching 98.9% of the year plan. Currently, businesses and investors in industrial zones are trying to overcome challenges, find opportunities in difficulties, and have breakthrough solutions.

Stable production

With a total investment of nearly 1.4 billion USD, Lego's world's largest toy factory in VSIP III Industrial Park is in the completion stage. It is expected that by the end of this year, the factory will launch its first product. According to a representative of Lego Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd., the company has made important preparations to be ready to put the factory into operation by the end of 2024. Lego hopes to attract a highly skilled workforce to develop together with Binh Duong.

Currently, 28 industrial parks in the province have been filled with investment projects (occupancy rate is 93.7%). With many positive and effective solutions of the province in accompanying businesses, businesses in general and businesses in the province's industrial parks, in particular, can still maintain the rhythm of production and business, creating added value of products. , contributing to the overall growth of the province. As a result, in the first 6 months of 2024, the revenue of enterprises in the industrial park reached 20,546 million USD, an increase of 9.8% over the same period and reaching 51.36% of the year plan; Export turnover reached 12,156 million USD, up 2.91% over the same period and reaching 51.22% of the year plan; Import turnover reached 11,968 million USD, up 3.43% over the same period and reaching 54.44% of the year plan; Taxes and budget payments were 287.91 million USD, an increase of 15.67% over the same period and reaching 55.36% of the year plan.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin, Head of the Provincial Industrial Park Management Board, said that with many solutions such as improving the business environment and completing infrastructure..., industrial parks continue to be the area that creates the driving force for economic growth. of the province. Currently, the Provincial Industrial Park Management Board is closely coordinating with industrial park infrastructure investors and relevant departments to implement investment promotion programs, focusing on innovating methods of inviting and focusing on industries. Supporting industries, clean technology, and high technology.

Attract investment effectively

Currently, Binh Duong is focusing on preparing good conditions and satisfying investors' needs to enhance cooperation efficiency and exploit opportunities from the 4th industrial revolution to proactively welcome new FDI capital flows. . The Provincial Industrial Park Management Board is focusing on implementing land procedures, planning, and building industrial park infrastructure according to planning. In particular, continue to organize the implementation of tasks and general construction planning projects (scale 1/5000) of Dat Cuoc Industrial Park and specialized mechanical industrial park (Bac Tan Uyen 1 Industrial Park), advise on converting functions Binh Duong Industrial Park...

According to the Provincial Industrial Park Management Board, it is estimated that in the first 6 months of 2024, the realized investment capital of enterprises will reach more than 1.2 billion USD, an increase of 24.33% over the same period and reaching 62.22% of the plan. year; Of which the economic sector with foreign investment reached 956.8 million USD (accounting for 77.74%), an increase of 19.29% over the same period; The domestic sector reached 257.6 million USD (accounting for 22.16%), an increase of 31.65% over the same period.

Accumulated to date, Binh Duong Industrial Parks has 3,143 valid projects, including 2,460 foreign-invested projects with a total registered investment capital of 29.76 billion USD and 683 domestic investment projects with a Total registered investment capital is 94,885 billion VND. Among them, VSIP II and VSIP II-A Industrial Parks are leading in attracting investment in industrial parks with 331 projects, a total capital of more than 5.7 billion USD; VSIP I Industrial Park has 211 projects with nearly 3.7 billion USD; Next is Bau Bang Industrial Park and My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, both with over 2.6 billion USD... In particular, even though newly established, VSIP III Industrial Park has already attracted 8 projects with a total investment capital of over 1.6 billion USD. American dollars. Among them, the highlight is the project worth more than 1.3 billion USD of the Lego toy group and the jewelry factory of over 160 million USD of the fashion brand Pandora. Many large corporations promise to continue pouring investment capital into this industrial park.

With geographical location, convenient transportation, synchronously invested and modern infrastructure, and large clean premises available, industrial parks in the province fully meet the requirements of large domestic and foreign investors. and has become a place to receive many domestic and foreign investors in recent times. Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin added that to continue to develop more and more sustainably, the province's industrial parks are proactively taking every solution to attract increasing quality and effective investment capital. The province is also well-preparing conditions such as a clean land fund, proactively planning industrial parks, and technology ecosystems, deploying human resource training, building social housing, and housing for workers, and providing adequate and timely labor resources for businesses investing in the province.

In the growth scenario built from the beginning of 2024, the Provincial Industrial Park Management Board aims to attract about 130 - 140 investment projects into industrial parks, with a total foreign investment capital of about 1.2 - 1.3 billion. billion US dollars, 1,100 - 1,200 billion VND of domestic investment capital, construction investment capital of 5,700 billion VND, leasing and subleasing land of 100 - 150 hectares, attracting 15,000 workers, total revenue of 35 - 40 billion US dollars. Along with that, focus on advising and promoting the establishment and development of about 10 new industrial parks in the period 2023-2030, especially investing in infrastructure development of planned industrial parks.



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