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Apple opens first online store in Vietnam

The Apple Store online store will operate from the end of next week, selling all Apple products and supporting Vietnamese.

The online Apple Store for the Vietnamese market is officially announced by Apple on its website. From May 18, Vietnamese users can visit to view information (Vietnamese interface) and selling price (in VND) of all products manufactured by Apple.

In the announcement, Apple said that the Apple Store online store in Vietnam will provide a full range of services, products and personalized support for domestic consumers, similar to locations with Apple Stores. other physics in the world. The support team will include experts in the field to advise and guide customers in Vietnamese.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to expand in Vietnam, and excited to be able to provide Apple care and support to our customers with the launch of the Apple Store online," said Deirdre O. ' said Brian, Apple's senior vice president of retail.

According to observers, this is a move that shows Apple increasingly appreciates the Vietnamese market, and is likely to be a premise for the appearance of at least one physical store in the near future. The online store will be the official reference address for Apple products, benefiting users but listing prices according to Apple's regulations.

"Compared to authorized dealers or retail stores, the price at the Apple Store will not be as good due to the lack of promotions, incentives, discount codes or gifts. Therefore, the business world is not worried about it. This new information is considered a general positive sign for the market", a technology expert assessed.

Some leaked sources say that the next physical Apple Store in Southeast Asia will be located in Malaysia. Currently in the region only Singapore and Thailand (opened in 2022) are the countries with Apple's brick-and-mortar stores. Regarding online stores, Vietnam and Indonesia are two big markets that do not have (as of now) and after May 18, only Indonesia will be left on the list.

(VTV News)

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