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An industrial province in the North, replacing Binh Duong, attracts the largest number of migrants

This content is published in the publication "Main results of the Population Change and Family Planning Survey on 1/4/2021" of the General Statistics Office.

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In 2021, out of 6 socio-economic regions, there are 2 regions with positive net migration rates: the Red River Delta and the Southeast. Due to the great attraction of employment, the Southeast region has the highest number of positive net migrants in the country, more than 290.1 thousand people. The Red River Delta has a positive net migration of nearly 81.0 thousand people. The Mekong River Delta continues to be the leading region in the country in terms of the number of out-migrants, with more than 214.2 thousand people.

Geographical distance is also one of the major factors affecting migration besides the attractiveness of employment. Most migrants choose destinations that are close to their actual place of residence. About 99.5% of those who emigrated from the Mekong River Delta chose the Southeast as their destination, while those from the Northern Midlands and Mountains mainly chose the Red River Delta as their destination (88.0%).

According to the survey results, out of 63 provinces, there are 14 provinces with positive net migration rates and 49 provinces with negative net migration rates.

Bac Ninh with a net migration rate of 41.7‰ has replaced Binh Duong with 30.8‰ to become the leading province in the country in terms of net migration rate. Bac Ninh is also the province with the highest immigration rate in the country (45.7‰), ranked above Binh Duong (35.6‰).

In third place is Ho Chi Minh City with a positive net migration rate of 21.8‰. It can be seen that the provinces with a high net migration rate are still the provinces with a lot of industrial parks and training schools. This proves that employment, training, and learning have greatly influenced migration issues.

The Mekong River Delta continues to be the highest emigration area in the country, with 12/13 provinces having a negative net migration rate, and only one province, Long An, having a positive net migration rate (2.1‰). The three provinces with the highest negative net migration rates in the country are also in this region, Dong Thap (-23.7‰), An Giang (-22.9‰), and Soc Trang (-20.9‰).

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