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Vietnam is in the peak season for domestic tourism

The tourism sector served 12.5 million domestic visitors in May, pushing the total number of the group to over 50.5 million in the first five months.

Also in May, revenue from domestic travelers is estimated to hit over 11 billion USD. The volume of Vietnamese holidaymakers traveling around the country has been on the rise in conjunction with the annual peak of domestic tourism.

On the opposite end, the peak time in domestic tourism is also when international tourism hits its low-season travel period.

The sector hosted 1.3 million tourists from the Republic of Korea and 399,000 from China in the period from January to May.

This year, Vietnam set a target to earn some 650 trillion VND from 110 million visitors, including 8 million foreigners.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the 4.6 million international arrivals recorded between January and May fulfill 57% of the yearly target.

This coupled with a growth in the peak season of international tourism at the end of the year and policies to facilitate tourism in the near future means a possibility for the 2023 number to meet and even surpass the 8 million goal.



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