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Vietnam develop the project international merchant fleet in the pipeline

The Ministry of Transport’s Vietnam Maritime Administration (VinaMarine) is collecting feedback from other ministries and agencies on a draft project to develop Vietnam’s international merchant fleet.

Source: Free Pics

According to VinaMarine, the country's ports in recent years have been developed and are now able to welcome some of the world's largest ships.

However, containers imported and exported to and from Vietnam are mainly handled by foreign shipping lines, especially on long-distance sea routes to developed countries such as Europe and the US.

The domestic fleet currently mainly undertakes domestic transportation and short international routes in Asia. The international shipping market share of Vietnam's fleet has been on a downward trend in recent years.

The fleet structure is not as good as it could be with mainly small tonnage ships carrying dry and bulk cargo. There is a lack of container ships and large tonnage ships operating on international routes.

A VinaMarine representative proposed that the first thing to do is to improve mechanisms and accelerate public administration reforms, providing a stable legal corridor for maritime transport firms to operate efficiently.

It is also crucial to improve the quality of crew members and adopt incentives designated to support seafarers. VinaMarine has been urging the private sector to invest in personnel training, including sending potential workers to study overseas.

Source: VNA


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