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The situation of non-performing loans across 28 banks by the end of Q2/2023

Vietcombank is the bank with the highest non-performing loan coverage ratio in the system. Besides Vietcombank, there are 7 other banks that recorded this ratio above 100%.

Hình ảnh 28 ngân hàng

As of June 30, 2023, Vietcombank continued to be the bank with the highest NPL coverage ratio in the system, reaching 387% and increasing by 70% compared to the beginning of the year. Vietcombank is also far ahead of other banks, for example, more than 2 times higher than the second-ranked bank, VietinBank (169%), and nearly 4 times higher than ACB.

Currently, Vietcombank is a bank with top asset quality. This bank's bad debt/loan ratio was the lowest among listed banks at the end of June 2023.

VietinBank recorded a decline in the non-performing loans coverage ratio, but the decrease was not as strong as other banks, helping this bank rise to the second position in terms of bad debt coverage ratio, reaching 169%. VietinBank is also one of the banks with the lowest bad debt ratio today, at 1.3%.

In addition, 6 other banks recorded a bad debt coverage ratio of over 100%, which means that for every VND 1 bad debt, more than VND 1 was set aside, including BacABank (158%), MB (156%), BIDV (153%). ), Agribank (128%), Techcombank (116%) and ACB (108%). Besides, SeABank also reached approximately 100%.

Most of these banks are also in the group with the lowest bad debt ratio in the system, such as Techcombank at only 1.07%, ACB at 1.06%, and BacABank at 0.7%.

In the context of a sharp increase in bad debt, the non-performing loans coverage ratio of most banks declined in the first half of this year. Of the 28 banks listed, only 3 banks have improved this ratio, namely Vietcombank, Kienlongbank, and SHB. In, Vietcombank is the bank that recorded the strongest improvement, up 70%. Kienlongbank and SHB increased slightly by 4%.

MB is the bank that saw the biggest decline in bad debt coverage, from 238% to 156%. Accordingly, MB ranks 4th in the system on this index. If considering the parent bank MB alone, the bad debt coverage ratio has decreased from 330% to 197%.

Many small banks recorded bad debt coverage ratios below 50% such as OCB, Saigonbank, vietABank, NamABank, PGBank, ABBank, VietBank, NCB, etc. Which, NCB is the bank with the lowest bad debt coverage ratio.

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