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Investment attraction in Long An IPs increased sharply in the first months of the year

Attracting investment capital into Long An IPs from the beginning of the year to May 15, 2023, increased by 215% for domestic projects; increased 65% for foreign direct investment projects over the same period.

According to the Management Board of Long An Economic Zone, from January 1, 2023, to May 15, 2023, industrial parks (IZs) in the province have attracted investment in 44 new projects, including 29 projects foreign direct investment (FDI) and 15 domestic projects, with total newly granted investment capital of 379.58 million USD and 16,682.91 billion dongs.

In addition, there are 31 capital adjustment projects, including 26 adjusted FDI projects with total adjusted capital increased by 46.88 million USD; 5 domestic projects adjusted with a total adjusted capital increase of 230.5 billion dongs.

Compared to the same period in 2022, the number of new projects attracted to Long An IPs increased by 19%; FDI capital increased by 65%, and domestic investment capital increased by 215%.

Accumulated from before to May 15, 2023, industrial zones in Long An province attracted 1,800 projects (875 FDI projects and 925 domestic projects), with a total registered investment capital of 6,139.66 million USD and 133,512.98 billion VND.

In addition, in the border gate economic zone of the province, there are 2 FDI projects with investment capital of 75 million USD with an area of 21.2 ha and 2 domestic projects renting 0.66 ha of land.

According to the Management Board of Long An Economic Zone, the province currently has 37 industrial zones with a total planning area of 12,285.48 hectares, of which 35 industrial zones have been added to the development planning of Vietnamese industrial zones by the Prime Minister. South with a total area of 11,944.98 ha and 2 industrial zones located in Long An border gate economic zone with a total area of 340.5 ha.

Among these, there are 24 industrial zones eligible to receive investment with an industrial land area of 4,278 ha (the natural land area is 5,982.14 ha), of which the industrial land area has been leased over 2,833 ha. the filling rate reached 65.19%.

8 IPs have had investment policies and are carrying out related procedures to deploy investment, site clearance, and infrastructure investment in the IP, with a planned area of about 2,484 ha.

There are 5 industrial zones that have not been approved by the Prime Minister's investment policy with a planning area of 823.9 ha.



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