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Fruit & vegetable exports in 2022 reached the destination with a total value of almost $3.4 billion

In 2022, the export turnover of fruits and vegetables experienced a decline of 5% in comparison to the previous year. However, the Import-Export Department has forecasted that there will be an improvement in 2023 when China eases its policy and issues "visas" for various types of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables.

According to data from the General Department of Customs, the export value of Vietnam's fruit and vegetable products in December 2022 reached $312.5 million, displaying a 2% increase from November 2022 and a 5.9% increase from December 2021. For the entirety of 2022, the export turnover of fruits and vegetables amounted to $3.4 billion, a decrease of 5% in comparison to 2021.

Despite this, exports of fruits and vegetables to most markets exhibited growth, with the exception of China. This decrease in exports to China was attributed to the diminished market demand resulting from China's "Zero COVID" policy.

China's "Zero COVID" policy had a significant impact on the production and business of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables. However, in the final month of 2022, China loosened its policy, leading to an improvement in the situation. As a result, the export value of fruits and vegetables to the Chinese market in December 2022 reached $159 million, displaying a 7% increase from the same period in 2021. Some products such as durian, dragon fruit, and banana were exported to the Chinese market.

Source: The Import-Export Department

Recently, China and Vietnam have signed a Protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Vietnamese sweet potatoes imported into China, which will create new opportunities for Vietnam's sweet potato exports to the Chinese market.

Exports of vegetables and fruits to the Chinese market make up a significant proportion, thus exports to China are expected to grow, contributing to the overall positive growth of Vietnam's fruit and vegetable industry.

Furthermore, demand in markets has also risen during the year-end festival, leading to an increase in Vietnam's fruit and vegetable exports to markets such as South Korea, Taiwan, and the Netherlands in December 2022.

The prospect of fruit and vegetable exports in 2023 looks promising, thanks to factors such as the reopening of China, Vietnam's largest fruit and vegetable import market, after a long period of implementing the "Zero COVID-19" policy.

In 2022, China officially allowed the export of Vietnamese durian, passion fruit and sweet potatoes. Additionally, other fruits such as dragon fruit, mango, and banana will also be imported by China due to the recent drought affecting many cultivated areas.

Furthermore, with the policy of diversification and market expansion, the fruit and vegetable industry is expected to experience positive growth in 2023. The US and markets in the EU have large import demands for vegetables and fruits, but Vietnam currently only supplies a small proportion, providing a significant opportunity for expansion to these markets.

The Import-Export Department believes that in order to promote to these markets, Vietnamese fruit and vegetable enterprises need to meet the strict requirements of the market. Additionally, the trend of organic food consumption is increasing in the European and American markets, therefore businesses need to pay attention and respond accordingly to this market trend.

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