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Four new industrial parks in Hanoi are about to be planned

TPO - The Hanoi People's Committee has just issued a decision on the addition of the list and planning of urban planning and construction planning for the period of 2021-2025 in the city; 2 planning projects in Soc Son and Dong Anh districts and 2 projects in Thuong Tin district.

The added list includes 4 projects: zoning planning at the scale of 1/2000 Soc Son clean industrial park (belonging to Minh Tri and Tan Dan communes of Soc Son district) with a scale of 302.8ha; Zoning planning scale of 1/2000 Dong Anh Industrial Park (in the communes of Nguyen Khe, Xuan Non, Thuy Lam, Lien Ha and Dong Anh town of Dong Anh district), the scale of 300ha; Zoning plan at scale 1/2000 of Bac Thuong Tin Industrial Park (belonging to Lien Phuong, Van Binh, Ninh So and Van Phu communes of Thuong Tin district), the scale of 112ha and zoning plan of 1/2000 scale. Phung Hiep industrial park (belonging to To Hieu, Thang Loi, Nghiem Xuyen, and Dung Tien communes of Thuong Tin district), with an area of ​​174.8 ha.

The City People's Committee assigns the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and Export Processing Zones to be responsible for organizing the formulation of the above four master plans. The planning period is expected to last from 2023 to 2025. The boundaries and scale of the planning are specified in the planning stage.

An industrial zone in Ha Noi

Currently, in Hanoi, there are a total of 10 operating industrial zones, with 4 housing projects for workers in industrial zones that have been built (partially put into operation) with a total capacity designed around 22,420 accommodations; completed 8,388 houses, and arranged for workers to rent 8,082 places, including Pilot housing project for workers in Kim Chung, Dong Anh district; housing project for workers in Phu Nghia Industrial Park; worker housing project of Meiko Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. and worker housing project of Young Fast Co., Ltd. (in Thach That Industrial Park - Quoc Oai) and 1 worker housing project in Quang Minh Industrial Park are being built. deployment.

On the basis of analysis and assessment of the current status of operating industrial zones, the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Parks and Export Processing Zones proposes a plan to develop the industrial zone system in the period of 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050. area, with a total area of ​​5,831.8 ha.

Industrial zones are linked with the transport system and network according to the Capital's planning. Location, planning orientation, and construction of basic industrial parks are arranged to approach the ring roads (2.3 and inter-regional belts 4, 5), national highways, radial highways ( 1,2, 3,5, 6), Thang Long Boulevard, economic development axes (North-South, Cienco 5, Do Xa - Quan Son) and airports and ports of the Red River.

(Tien Phong)

List of companies in industrial & Cluster parks in Ha Noi:


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