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Expand and attract investment from industrial parks in Hai Duong

Hai Duong’s amended and supplemented plan to develop 21 industrial parks (IP) and three expanded ones on a total area of 4,507 ha has been approved by the Prime Minister.

Source: VNS

To date, 10 IPs and one expanded one have been put into operation, luring 296 projects with a total investment of nearly 6 billion USD. Which, 250 projects have been invested in and maintained production and business activities. The occupancy rate of the IPs is close to 84%.

By the end of March, the 1st-phase expanded Dai An IP in Hai Duong city had attracted 90 secondary investment projects with a total investment of nearly 2.5 billion USD.

More than 100 ha of the expanded Dai An IP have been rented out so far, accounting for 85% of the industrial land area in phase 1. The remaining area is reserved for factories in the IP to hire for expansion.

Recently, Vietnam – India Pharmaceutical Park JSC. and Dai An Urban – Industrial Park Investment and Development Corporation JSC. have contracted for investment in the International Pharmaceutical Park Project in Hai Duong.

The project is expected to have a total initial investment of 500 million USD, use about 900 ha of land, generate around 3 billion USD/year in export revenue and create jobs for approximately 250,000 laborers upon operation.

To proactively welcome the wave of foreign investment into Vietnam, Hai Duong is highly focusing on site clearance to build the infrastructure of six IPs, including An Phat 1, expanded Phuc Dien and Gia Loc, and continue the implementation of two established IPs, namely expanded Tan Truong and expanded Dai An (phase 2).

The detailed planning area for the construction of the above IPs totals around 1,097 ha, including 754 ha of industrial land for rent. Some local authorities have finished site clearance and handed over the land to investors.

Though the infrastructure of the expanded Dai An IP (phase 2) and expanded Phuc Dien IP has not been built, they have attracted many businesses coming for research and investment registration.

Hai Duong is also planning to develop 10 – 15 more IPs, including a dynamic industrial region covering a total area of over 4,800 ha to develop IPs specialized in pharmacy, information technology, high technology, ecology, etc.

Urban and service areas serving IPs will be built to meet the diversified investment needs of investors and the living and long-term settlement demands of laborers.

(Vietnam Business Forum)


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