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Businesses providing electronic invoice services are actively "introducing" the petroleum retail market

MISA, Mat Bao, Thai Son,... are businesses providing electronic invoice services that are actively promoting when the Government continuously presses and the Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued an "ultimatum" requiring businesses to sell Gasoline retailers must issue electronic invoices for each sale.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just sent an urgent document to the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities, and the Departments of Industry and Trade of the provinces and cities; key traders in the petroleum business; gasoline and oil distributors on implementing regulations on electronic invoices and providing electronic invoice data according to regulations.

các doanh nghiệp cung cấp dịch vụ hóa đơn điện tử

Notably, the Ministry of Industry and Trade directed functional forces to consider and handle petroleum businesses that do not implement regulations on electronic invoices until March 31, 2024.

The above move by the Ministry of Industry and Trade comes after a series of instructions from the Government, the Ministry of Finance, and the General Department of Taxation in implementing regulations on electronic invoices and providing electronic invoice data according to regulations. especially for petroleum retail activities.

According to statistics published at a recent conference, there are currently more than 17,000 petrol stations nationwide. On average, the country consumes approximately 20.5 - 21 million m3 of petroleum each year. Thus, if multiplied by the number of electronic invoices that will have to be issued for each retail sale according to the new policy, it will amount to tens of millions of invoices, even hundreds of millions of new invoices issued each month.

With the "huge" number of electronic invoices, the benefits from providing electronic invoice services will be an attractive "piece of cake" that attracts competition from businesses.

In fact, on the current Google search engine, some businesses such as MISA, Mat Bao, Thai Son,... are actively promoting their electronic invoice services.


Mắt bão invoice

Matbao-invoice gasoline invoice processing software is a product of Mat Bao Joint Stock Company (MST: 0302712571). According to the announcement, the software applies specialized data encryption technology, stored securely with leading technology from Microsoft. Committed to 100% accuracy according to standards from the General Department of Taxation.

Regarding the Mat Bao Joint Stock Company, at the most recent announcement of information about charter capital, Mat Bao had a charter capital of 20 billion VND (December 25, 2020).

Currently, according to the company's introduction, Mat Bao is known domestically and internationally as a company operating in many IT fields: data centers, international and Vietnamese domain name registrars, and service providers. server rental, website hosting, management application development, email provision, web infrastructure provision, website and web-based application development solutions, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, electronic invoices and digital signatures….

Regarding Mat Bao's ownership structure, at the most recent announcement of share information, as of July 14, 2015, the enterprise had a charter capital of VND 11.9 billion, founded by Mr. Le. Hai Binh (contributing 64.86%), Huynh Ngoc Duy - Current Director (contributing 6%), Nguyen Quoc Vinh (contributing 19.74%), Huynh Trong Van (4.7%) and Pham Kim Ngan (4 .7%).

Notably, Mr. Le Hai Binh is also known as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mat Bao and Mr. Binh is also currently the General Director and representative of AXYS Joint Stock Company (Axys Group) - established on December 30. /October 2018.

On its website, Axys Group announced that Mat Bao is a member of this group's ecosystem. However, according to the announcement, AXYS Joint Stock Company is currently registering its main business line to retail cars (9 seats or less).

MISA MeInvoice

MISA MeInvoice

MISA MeInvoice is an electronic invoice software owned by MISA Joint Stock Company. According to the introduction, this is software that fully meets the standard gasoline and oil invoice operations according to Tax regulations such as meeting Official Dispatch 5080/TCT-DNL and Official Dispatch No. 1284/CD-TTg of the Government. Issue electronic invoices for each sale via phone or POS machine. Integrate API with popular, professional, modern petroleum management software. Summary of detailed invoice usage situation for each sales shift each day. Pre-connected with the General Department of Taxation, integrating accounting software, digital signatures, etc.

Regarding MISA Joint Stock Company, the enterprise was established on April 22, 2002, and currently has legal representatives who are individuals including Ms. Dinh Thi Thuy (General Director); Mr. Lu Hong Chuong (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors); Mr. Lu Thanh Long (Chairman of the Board of Directors).

At the most recent announcement of changes to the business registration content, MISA had a charter capital of more than 377.8 billion VND and a foreign capital ratio of more than 30.1%.

Regarding the identity of foreign shareholders at MISA, according to the company's most recent announcement, as of September 10, 2019, Bock Capital EU Luxembourg G MISA S. À R.L. is a shareholder owning more than 11.4 million shares equivalent to 30% at MISA.

In the bidding market, MISA has also affirmed its brand by winning 242/258 participating packages, 6 packages failed, 7 packages had no results and 3 packages were canceled. The total winning value of the bidding packages MISA has participated in is up to more than 361.6 billion VND.

MISA's most familiar customer is the Department of Finance of Lam Dong province when businesses won 19/19 bidding packages that participated here with a total winning value of more than 11.5 billion VND.

At Cuu Long Kien Giang Bidding Consulting Co., Ltd., MISA also won 14/15 participating bidding packages, 1 package has no results with a total winning value of more than 10.8 billion VND.

At the Department of Finance of Tuyen Quang province, MISA also won 7/7 bidding packages with a total winning value of more than 12 billion VND with a winning price/estimated price ratio of 99.92%.

E-invoice Thai Son

E-invoice Thái Sơn

E-invoice is a software developed by Thai Son Technology Development Company Limited. According to the company's announcement, this is software for issuing gasoline invoices for each sale that meets the requirements of the General Department of Taxation, complying with Decree 119/2018/ND-CP, Circular 68/2019/TT- BTC, Decree 123/2020/ND-CP, Circular 78/2021/TT-BTC guiding the creation, issuance, and use of electronic invoices when selling goods and providing services.

About Thai Son Technology Development Co., Ltd., according to self-introduction information, after many years of establishment and development, Thai Son has become a leading unit in providing software and information technology solutions to serve customers. Management services for businesses in the field of public services such as Electronic invoices, Electronic taxes, Electronic customs, and Electronic social insurance,...

With a nationwide professional support staff and 24/7 professional support centers in Hanoi and City. Ho Chi Minh, City. Da Nang, City. Binh Duong, City. Bien Hoa. Over 100,000 businesses are using software and services, typical examples include: Samsung, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Yamaha, Big C, Aeon Mall, Grab, DHL, Golden Gate, Honda, ...

Thai Son Company is currently headed by Mr. Nguyen Van Khiem (born 1994) as Director and legal representative. At the most recent announcement of changes to the business registration content regarding the number of employees (May 20, 2021), the enterprise had 7 employees.

In the bidding market, although Thai Son participated in a few bidding packages in its field, it had an impressive winning rate when winning 18/20 participating bidding packages, 0 failed packages, and 1 canceled bidding package.

Thai Son's most familiar customer is the City Customs Department. HCM when Thai Son won 4/5 bidding packages here, 0 packages were missed and 1 package was canceled with a total winning value of more than 4.2 billion VND.

Next to the City Customs Department. HCM, City Customs Department. Hai Phong is also a regular customer of Thai Son Company and this business has won 3/3 of the bidding packages participating here with a total winning value of more than 869.7 million VND.

At the City Inland Waterway Port Authority. HCM, Thai Son also won 2/2 of the bidding packages it participated in with a total value of more than 7.25 billion VND, the winning price/estimated price ratio is 99%.



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