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Accelerate expansion and construction of new industrial parks to welcome investors

With the goal of attracting USD 12-15 billion in FDI in the period 2020 - 2025, Hai Phong is focusing on promoting the expansion and construction of new industrial parks (IZs), the ready land fund to serve investors.

Accelerate the implementation of key projects

Le Trung Kien, Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA), said that Hai Phong is currently one of the most attractive destinations for domestic and international investors with great potential and advantages, both objectively and subjectively.

Hai Phong has 14 operating industrial zones with a total area of 6,144 ha. Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone (EZ) with an area of 22,540 hectares is identified as the center of the marine economy, multi-sector, multi-field of the Northern Coast region and the whole country, with preferential mechanisms and policies. Outstanding incentives have become the destination of many domestic and foreign investors.

According to Mr. Kien, Hai Phong's goal from now to 2025 to expand 15 new industrial zones is a great determination. In the immediate future, Hai Phong will focus on implementing procedures to establish 6 new industrial zones with a total area of 2,758 ha, including industrial zones: Xuan Cau, Nam Trang Cat, Thuy Nguyen, Tien Thanh, Trang Due 3 and Giang Bien 2.

DEEP C is one of the first 5 industrial parks in the country selected to pilot the transformation to an ecological industrial park model, towards a circular economy.

In addition to 2 projects of Xuan Cau and Tien Thanh industrial zones, which have been granted investment registration certificates by HEZA, the remaining projects have submitted dossiers of application for approval of investment policies at the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Besides, Hai Phong also has 7 industrial zones which are completing the process and procedures for implementation with a total area of 3,161 ha. These are industrial zones: An Hung - Dai Ban; Glory - Vinh Bao; Five Phuc; Tien Lang 1; Tien Lang 2; Cai Trap Island; South Cau Kien. Particularly An Hoa Industrial Park has not been temporarily considered for implementation under the direction of the Hai Phong City Party Committee; with Cau Cuu Industrial Park, Hai Phong has reported to the Prime Minister to propose to stop implementing investment procedures.

Industrial zones such as Nam Dinh Vu - Zone I, Nam Dinh Vu - Zone II, and An Duong are actively accelerating the construction of infrastructure and attracting investment; Hai Phong International Gateway Port Industrial Park (DEEP C3) is focusing on site clearance and construction to be ready to have clean land with modern and synchronous infrastructure, “one step ahead” to catch up with big investors.

Trang Due Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Investment Project Phase III, invested by Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company (area of 687 hectares, total investment of VND 6,320.4 billion), City People's Committee Hai Phong has issued Document No. 5044/UBND-XD3 (September 12, 2022) to the Ministry of Planning and Investment for consideration and appraisal according to regulations. Trang Due Industrial Park Phase III continues to encourage projects in the field of electronics, electronic components, and mechanics... of large corporations.

For the Project of Construction and infrastructure business of Tien Thanh Industrial Park (Tien Lang district), the area is 410.46 ha; with a total investment of VND 4,597.4 billion, the investor - Tien Thanh Industrial Park Investment Joint Stock Company - is carrying out the procedures for adding the project to the land use plan, making cadastral measurements, make ground clearance plans; adjusted detailed planning 1/500 scale to hand over the site soon.

Nguyen Xuan Truong, a member of the Board of Directors of Tien Thanh Industrial Park Investment Joint Stock Company, said that it is expected that by the end of 2023, Tien Thanh Industrial Park will complete the entire infrastructure, soon creating a ground to attract secondary investors. . Tien Thanh Industrial Park is oriented to be built as a typical, multi-industry ecological industrial park, attracting investors in the field of high technology, targeting specialized and well-resourced enterprises; manufacturing enterprises to promote the development of accompanying supporting industries; businesses that conform to green environmental standards, friendly products…

In particular, in the investment promotion program of the delegation of Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, in Hai Phong in Korea and Taiwan, Tien Thanh Industrial Park is one of the addresses introduced by HEZA to invite investors.

“Investors need to speed up the progress, not only to attract investment but also to be the basis for Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong proposed and requested the Government to approve other industrial zones. HEZA has also established a working group with investors to promote monthly work, and promptly remove obstacles and difficulties during the implementation of the Tien Thanh Industrial Park Project," emphasized Mr. Le Trung Kien.

Besides, there is also the project of investment in the construction and infrastructure business of Xuan Cau industrial zone and non-tariff zone, with an area of 752 ha; with a total investment of VND 11,100 billion. Currently, Xuan Cau - Lach Huyen Investment Joint Stock Company has submitted the basic design appraisal and Feasibility Study Report (completed in November 2022); complete the Environmental Impact Assessment Report; carry out procedures for handing over the sea area, procedures for land handover (completed in November 2022) and selection of construction contractors (expected to start at the end of 2022).

According to the development orientation of the investor, this non-tariff zone will attract investment projects in many fields such as export production, high technology, warehouse construction, and logistics... The project will apply the best incentives for businesses when investing, including a corporate income tax rate of 10% for 15 years from the time of revenue; exemption from import and export tax on goods exported from non-tariff zones to foreign countries, goods imported from abroad into non-tariff zones and goods circulating between zones; exempt from value-added tax and special consumption tax for goods purchased and sold abroad and between zones, goods and services, and construction and installation activities in non-tariff zones.

Source: VnEconomy

Developing eco-industrial parks, attracting quality investors

Resolution of the 16th Congress of the City Party Committee. Hai Phong has identified three pillars of local economic development, including the high-tech industry, seaport - logistics, and tourism - trade.

Since then, Hai Phong has launched policies to support investors in industrial development, especially in the high-tech industry, processing, manufacturing, and producing key items such as electronics... In addition, there are policies to encourage the development of the eco-industrial park model; Sustainable and efficient industrial zones; investment in the development of projects with advanced technology, modern management, high added value, spillover effects, and connecting global production and supply chains.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, Chairman of the City People's Committee. Hai Phong affirmed: “Since the first industrial park of Hai Phong was born, leaders of the city. Hai Phong has been aware of the need for sustainable development of industrial zones in the direction of eco-industrial parks, which is an indispensable and very important factor to determine the competitive advantage of the city in general and the investors of industrial park infrastructure in particular in attracting investment and developing sustainable industrial zones. Therefore, choosing to develop high-quality industrial zones to promote investment attraction and sustainable development is the optimal goal that Hai Phong always aims for.

Currently, a number of Hai Phong's industrial zones are preparing to be built, which will also aim at the ecological industrial park model. According to Decree No. 35/2022/ND-CP dated May 28, 2022, the Government, the investment in building ecological industrial zones will enjoy many incentives. Accordingly, secondary investors will also benefit a lot if invested here.

In fact, at present, sustainable production is being paid great attention to by investors. Investors are also well aware of the meaning and importance of this work and tend to seek and choose partners with the same standards of sustainable development, environmental protection, and labor safety.

This helps create a competitive advantage for IPs that are oriented to become eco-industrial parks like DEEP C in attracting investors in the high-tech sector. DEEP C is one of the first 5 industrial zones selected by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to pilot the implementation of the Eco-Industrial Park Deployment Project in Vietnam following the approach from the Global Eco-Industrial Park Program to transform into an eco-industrial model, towards a circular economy.

Along with that, Hai Phong has policies to encourage investment and development of secondary investment projects in industrial zones and economic zones with advanced technology, modern management, high-added value, spillover effects, and connecting global production and supply chains. The city also encourages investors to increase the use of renewable energy sources, wind energy, rooftop solar power, and use environmental protection production technologies. In particular, the establishment of research and development (R&D) centers is encouraged so that Hai Phong has the opportunity to further develop technology, affirming its position in the field of high-tech industry development in the region.

Certainly, with the orientation of sustainable development and the mindset and vision of the city. Hai Phong, HEZA, together with infrastructure investors and secondary investors, in the coming time, Hai Phong will continue to develop more industrial parks in the model of eco-industrial parks, creating an important driving force to promote selective investor attraction and sustainable development.


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