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65% of Vietnam's fruit and vegetable export market share is in China

China is still Vietnam's largest fruit and vegetable export market, accounting for 65% of the market share.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, it is expected that this year, China will open more doors to Vietnam's key fruits such as avocado, passion fruit, coconut... The opportunity for Vietnamese fruits is huge. But to penetrate the broader market, according to many experts, products need to quickly switch to official export, with a long-term vision of quality.

Xuất khẩu rau quả Việt Nam

Beijing's leading fruit wholesale market, Dai Duong Lo, has an increasing number of tropical fruits imported from ASEAN countries. Most shippers import directly or buy from major importers, brand and quality always come first.

Ms. La Hoa - A small trader at Dai Duong Lo wholesale market, in Beijing City, China said: "Chinese people love durian very much. Now when they give it to each other as gifts, people also buy durian, so consumption is very high. "Good. Compared to a few years ago, the amount of imports is increasing and becoming greener."

Mr. Nong Duc Lai - Commercial Counselor, Vietnamese Embassy in China informed: "We are also continuing to coordinate to promote market opening for many other agricultural products such as fresh coconuts and frozen durians. cold or green-skinned grapefruit, medicinal plants".

"To export to the Chinese market, the first step is to ensure quality. Currently, units and localities have deployed many models for granting planting area codes to ensure safety processes and standards. quality", said Mr. Tran Thanh Nam - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is asking for opinions from units on amending regulations on exporting border-trade goods, which emphasizes that from the beginning of next year, Vietnamese exported goods must fully meet quality standards and regulations on traceability according to the importing country's requirements.

With the sharp increase in the middle class and China's emphasis on the role of consumption in contributing to GDP, fruit imports increase sharply yearly. This is a huge opportunity for Southeast Asian countries and Vietnam to conquer a market of 1 billion 400 million people.

(Theo VTV)


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