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Company Standard Report

Standard Company Report


  • Overview
  • Type of entity
  • Business sector
  • Founded year
  • Registered capital
  • Ownership
  • Labor size
  • Corporate financial statements for the last 3 years





The standard company report will be delivered within 1 - 2 working days from your payment date.

The report will be sent via the email you provide in the mandatory information box


What kind of company we can make a report?

All kinds of firms established and operated in Vietnam including:

  • Private company
  • Foreign investment firms
  • Public company
  • Non-listed company
  • State-owned entity

Note that you need to provide the correct information about the target company (company name, tax code/ business registration number...) in order to identify the correct entity.


How to order a company report?

  • You can contact us via online chat/contact form to make sure that your target firm's information is available to make a report or that it is a real entity established in Vietnam
  • Before proceeding, please make sure that you choose the correct report your want (snapshot/ standard/ comprehensive report)
  • Fill in the mandatory field with correct information of the target firm including full company name, tax code or business registration number, and your email to get the report when it's ready
  • Make payment
  • The report will be delivered via your email within 1 - 2 working days from your payment date


Refund policy

Your payment is non-refundable so make sure that you are advised by us that your target company report is available.

In case your desired company report can't be delivered, a credit balance equal to your payment will be awarded to your account to purchase any other product/ services on our website.


Need support?

For further advise, please contact us via:

  • Email:
  • Hotline: +84 8888 337 36

Company Standard Report

  • English - Vietnamese (Optional)

  • Please send us the target company name and its tax code or business registration number via our email so we can proceed with the report

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