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Vietnam Industrial Production Index by province



The index of industrial production (IIP) in 2021 increased by 4.7% compared to that in 2020, higher than the rise of 3.3% in 2020 but significantly lower than the corresponding expansion of 10.1% and 9.1% in 2018, and 2019. However, in the context of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was still a bright spot, making a positive contribution to the overall growth of the economy in 2021. In industrial activities, the manufacturing increased considerably by 5.9% over the last year; the electricity production and distribution spread 4.5%; the water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities expanded 3.0%; the mining and quarrying declined 5.7%.


Among the 2-digit industrial activities, a number of key industrial activities witnessed the massive buildup in the index of industrial production over the last year, such as: the manufacture of basic metals grew 22%; the manufacture of motor vehicles increased by 10.1%; the manufacture of electronic, computer and optical products went up 9.6%; the mining of coal expanded by 8.8%; the manufacture of coke and refined petroleum rose by 8.5%; the manufacture of textile grew by 8.4%; the manufacture of garment increased by 7.5%... In the opposite direction, there were also several key industrial activities with the reduction in the 2021 index of industrial production compared to the last year, as follows: the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemical and botanical products fell by 17.1%; the extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas decreased by 12.7%; the manufacture of beverages went down 4%; the manufacture of electrical equipment diminished 2%; the manufacture of furniture, the printing and reproduction of recorded media together shrunk 0.7%; the manufacture of chemicals and chemical products dwindled 0.5%.


Some main industrial products experienced a high growth rate compared to that in last year, e.g. house-hold porcelain with 43.8%; battery powers with 32.3%; lamps with 20.6%; assembled automobiles with 19.4%; air conditioners with 16.3%; pesticides with 15.5%; sea salt with 13.5%; steel with 12.3%; copper ores with 12.2%; fish sauce with 11.3%; powder milk with 11.2%; sanitation porcelain with 10.1%... In the opposite direction, there were also some key industrial products that decreased against the last year: TVs of all kinds with -39%; telephone with -28.6%; printers with -19%; gaseous natural gas with -18.6%; processed tea with -13.9%; refined sugar with -9.9%: mineral water with -9.6%.


In comparison with 2021, the IIP of some provinces with a large proportion of industrial activities was as follows: Hai Phong increased by 18.7%; Thanh Hoa spread 18.1%; Quang Ninh expanded 13.5%; Hai Duong went up 12.6%; Bac Giang rose by 12.2%; Vinh Phuc swelled by 11.4%; Bac Ninh boosted up 9.3%; Quang Ngai turned up 8.2%; Thai Nguyen grew by 7.7%; Ha Noi increased by 4.8%; Dong Nai stepped up 3.6%; Binh Duong intensified 3%; Quang Nam inflated 2.3%; Da Nang decreased by 2.3%; Ba Ria - Vung Tau declined 4.5%; Can Tho dropped 5.3%; Ho Chi Minh City fell by 14.3%.





Index of industrial production (IIP) is an indicator that evaluates the growth rate of industrial production every month, quarter and year. The index is calculated by the quantity of production, therefore it is also called “the index of quantity of industrial production”. The IIP is an important indicator quickly reflecting the situation of industrial production growth in general and the growth rate of each commodity in particular; satisfying the information needs of the State agencies, investors and other users.


The IIP is calculated as the percentage of the quantity of industrial production generated in the current and base periods.


The calculation of the IIP begins with the calculation of production index of commodity. From the production index of commodity, production indexes of VSIC 4-digit classes, VSIC 2-digit division, VSIC 4-digit, VSIC 1-digit sectors and the whole industry can be calculated and so can the IIP for a certain province or the whole country.

Vietnam Industrial Production Index by province

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