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Vietnam businesses and people are still "anxious" about the rotating power cut

The power cut is undesirable, but the enterprise recommends that the electricity industry need to have the plan to cut power and notice time in advance so that the enterprise can arrange to shift shifts or work overtime on the day there is electricity.

The power cuts in many places in recent days have upset the production and business activities of businesses and people's lives.

Many people think that the lack of electricity is a common difficulty, but the power cut also needs to be planned and notified in advance to reduce the damage to the lowest level, avoiding wasting the resources of enterprises.

Overturned due to lack of electricity

For more than 2 weeks now, Mr. Hung's pho restaurant in Hai Ba Trung district has been less crowded. The hot weather caused the demand to eat hot foods to decrease, but the sudden power outage made the already difficult business even more difficult.

According to Mr. Hung, each month the store's electricity cost is from 12-15 million dong, because the entire boiler system along with the air conditioner system is always running at full capacity, so it only takes a power outage. will have to stop working.

"If the power is cut off with advance notice, you can take a break for a few days, but the most worrying thing is the sudden power failure, both affecting customers and possibly damaging all cooking utensils," Hung shared.

Like Mr. Hung, many businesses are currently speeding up to pay their orders, so when electricity is not supplied stably, it will greatly affect their operations.

Mr. Tran Van Nam, General Director of MBT Electronic Equipment Joint Stock Company, said that the lack of electricity, and alternating power cuts greatly affect production and business, moreover, the targets set for the month will also are turned upside down, thereby directly affecting product prices, and may even lose credibility with customers due to delay in delivery.

"If this situation persists, businesses can only actively invest in more generators to meet urgent orders and ensure progress," he said.

However, this solution is only a situation, because the investment in purchasing and operating the generator will incur an additional cost outside of backup, while the power cut only takes place at certain times and may be local to a few places.

"Enterprises are willing to join hands to reduce pressure on the electricity industry and society in general through the hot season and lack of electricity. However, the enterprise wishes that electricity needs to have a plan to cut power, and time to notify in advance as soon as possible. At that time, businesses arrange to shift shifts or work overtime on days when electricity is available, so as not to be affected much…," he said.

Limit unannounced power outages

It can be seen that the power cut in the peak months of the dry season this year is an undesirable thing for the electricity industry, but to harmonize between the actors, closer and more effective coordination is still needed.

Sharing this, Mr. Nguyen Minh Chau, Director of Hanoi CNC Precision Mechanics Limited Liability Company, electricity is an extremely important input factor in the production activities of the enterprise.

Facing the forecast that the electricity output will not meet the demand in the peak season of 2023, at the end of May, the enterprise signed an "Agreement to accompany EVN" when receiving a request to coordinate with EVN. regional electricity to reduce the load (reduce the amount of electricity consumed when receiving the required information).

However, the fact that the current load reduction (load reduction, or power cut) makes businesses a lot of difficulties and challenges in the post-pandemic recovery period.

Because, in 2023, the recession led to a decrease in orders, and deployed orders and projects often required short and urgent progress. Therefore, power failure makes businesses passive in adjusting production plans, greatly affecting the production chain.

Faced with that fact, the enterprise has minimized the use of electricity in the factory, encouraged and arranged to adjust the working schedule of employees; Share power failure information with relevant parties, report to customers immediately when arranging and reciprocating new plans and requested to extend the execution time of some orders within the allowable range...

"Understanding the difficulties of the power industry, but businesses hope to receive the power cut plan soon, to have enough time to regulate and arrange production plans as well as notify suppliers and customers," he stated. opinion.

The report of the Department of Safety Techniques and Industrial Environment (Ministry of Industry and Trade) on the operation of hydroelectric reservoirs on June 13 showed that reservoirs in the North, North Central, and Southeast are at low levels. The water level rises slightly at the low water level, approximately the dead water level. In the South Central Coast, Central Highlands, the water level of the lakes fluctuated slightly compared to yesterday, the water level is within the minimum water level according to the regulations of the operation process.

However, the amount of water entering the lake is mainly to regulate the water to ensure the minimum flow, hydroelectric power plants operate and generate electricity by the return water flow, and the number of plants is approximately the dead water level concentrated in the Northern region, The North Central Coast generates electricity moderately with a low water column and low capacity to ensure the safety of the unit when operating.

Before the current difficulties in power supply, Mr. Tran Viet Hoa, Director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (Ministry of Industry and Trade) asked EVN to focus on effectively mobilizing all resources, in directing and implementing the contract. set and effective solutions to ensure electricity supply.

Specifically, maintaining the availability of thermal power plants/units, speeding up troubleshooting time as quickly as possible; Operating the electricity system reasonably, trying to increase the mobilization of thermal power to prevent the decline of hydroelectricity water level; pushing the water level of large hydroelectric reservoirs up from the dead water level as soon as possible; Proactively develop flexible scenarios to respond to power supply difficulties to minimize damage to people and businesses.

In addition, increase the mobilization of renewable energy plants, and speed up the progress of putting transitional renewable energy plants into operation.

The representative of EVN also informed about the electricity savings, in which, two units, Northern Power Corporation and Hanoi Electricity Corporation, have made a calculation plan in the direction of giving priority to customers using electricity. important approved by the province and city; Along with that, priority will be given to customers based on the reality of localities such as units producing essential goods such as clean water production, food... and production facilities that use a lot of labor...

"All these plans are reported to the People's Committees of provinces and cities and the local Departments of Industry and Trade to monitor the implementation," a representative of EVN said.



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