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The price of Vietnamese rice exports far exceeds that of Thailand and Pakistan

At the end of the trading session on August 28, the price of Vietnam's 5% broken rice was higher than that of Thailand and Pakistan by 13 USD/ton and 35 USD/ton, respectively; Vietnam's 25% broken rice is higher than Thailand's 65 USD/ton and Pakistan's 95 USD/ton.


After India and Myanmar took further actions to limit rice exports, the price of this item continuously escalated, especially in Thailand and Vietnam.

Data from the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) shows that as of August 28, the export price of 5% broken rice from all three countries, Vietnam, Thailand, and Pakistan, simultaneously increased by 5-10 USD/ton compared to the 25/8 session.

Of these, Pakistani rice increased the most by 10 USD/ton to 608 USD/ton; Vietnamese rice increased by 5 USD/ton to 643 USD/ton; Thai rice increased by 2 USD/ton to 630 USD/ton. Currently, Vietnam's 5% broken rice is being exported at a higher price than similar products from Thailand and Pakistan at $13/ton and $35/ton, respectively.

In the group of rice exporting countries, Vietnam is also leading in the selling price of 25% rice broken products, 65 USD/ton higher than Thailand's products and 95 USD/ton higher than Pakistan products.



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