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The mother and baby market is billions of dollars in size has great potential for growth

According to data from the General Statistics Office, an average of 1.56 million children are born each year in Vietnam, making it the country with the highest percentage of households with children in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the demand of parents for products for children is also gradually increasing, making Vietnam one the most potential market for the mother and baby industry.

Currently, putting baby safety first has made Vietnamese consumers spend more on foreign brands. Many free trade agreements have been signed, and tariff barriers have been reduced to help high-quality imported goods enter Vietnam with competitive and more reasonable prices, stimulating consumption. As a result, the revenue of the market of products and services for mothers and children in Vietnam can reach 7 USD billion with a growth rate of 30-40%.

The mother and baby industry is developing strongly on e-commerce platforms.

Currently, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and the purchasing power of mother and baby products on e-commerce platforms is still increasing. In particular, customers of the mother and baby industry are mostly from the GenZ generation, who are highly exposed to technology. This generation is more active in finding information, has a clear filter, prefers to find a community of people with similar interests or concerns to discuss and refer to product reviews.

Online shopping channels are being strongly developed, which also contributes to boosting revenue for the mother and baby industry. With the need for speed and convenience in the buying process, consumers have gradually shifted from traditional shopping at markets and supermarkets to e-commerce platforms. The development of online distribution channels also partly helps stimulate the shopping needs of consumers.

Mother and baby products are always among the top best-selling items on e-commerce platforms. Of these, Shopee is the e-commerce platform with the largest market share in the mother and baby industry, accounting for more than 80% of revenue the total of the three platforms: Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki.

With a market full of potential for development, businesses investing in the mother and baby market are becoming increasingly strong. The growth rate of store chains for mother and baby care products is increasing rapidly. Typically, there is strong development of a series of famous brands such as Bibo Mart, Kids Plaza, Con Cung, Shoptretho, and TutiCare. Foreign firms are also looking to penetrate the Vietnamese market, such as Soc&Brothers of Japan and MotherCare of Britain.

Con Cung

The Con Cung retail chain, under the Con Cung Joint Stock Company, is a pioneering company in Vietnam specializing in children's goods, established in 2011. The company's field includes the development of a retail chain for pregnant mothers and babies: Con Cung, Toycity, and CF (CON CUNG FASHION). They research and produce safe, quality, and affordable products for children.

Up to now, Con Cung has been the leading mother and baby retail chain in Vietnam, with more than 700 stores serving 9 million Vietnamese families nationwide. In 2022, Con Cung opened its first Super Center in Ho Chi Minh City, with an area of up to 2,000m2. In addition to utensils for babies and mothers, the Super Center also sells many household items such as laundry detergent, floor cleaner, and kitchen tools for the family.

Con Cung actively promotes sales through its e-commerce website and mobile application to provide customers with a rich shopping experience. In particular, Con Cung has set a sales target of 1 USD billion in 2023 and aims to win 30% of the market share to reach 2 USD billion in sales by 2025, of which at least 30% is expected to come from e-commerce.

As the leading retail chain in Vietnam, Con Cung store has maintained its form as revenue increases steadily over the years. In 2022, this store chain recorded a revenue of more than 7,800 VND billion. However, Con Cung's investment in strategies to compete for market share as well as the Super Center model has caused costs to increase and profit after tax in 2022 to decrease sharply. Specifically, this chain of stores only achieved a profit of 12.3 VND billion, down more than 65 VND billion compared to 2021.

Kids Plaza

Established in 2009, Kids Plaza currently owns more than 160 stores nationwide, offering over 10,000 genuine products for mothers and babies, certified safe for children by the world's leading prestigious brands in Vietnam and abroad. In addition to traditional stores, Kids Plaza has also invested in developing an online shopping application to make shopping easier and more convenient for consumers.

As a long-standing store chain, Kids Plaza has been developing steadily. Their revenue has been on an upward trend in recent years. In 2022, Kids Plaza's revenue reached 1,662 VND billion, a slight increase of about 300 VND billion compared to 2021. In contrast to Con Cung, Kids Plaza's profit in 2022 increased sharply compared to the previous year, reaching 36.6 VND billion, three times higher than that of the previous 2021. 2022 can be said to be a bright spot in Kids Plaza's business journey.

Bibo Mart

Established in 2006, Bibo Mart is managed by the Bibo Mart TM Joint Stock Company, specializing in providing products for mothers during pregnancy and postpartum periods, and babies from 0 to 6 years old. Currently, Bibo Mart owns 161 stores across the country.

Bibo Mart's online retail sales currently account for 14.5% of total sales and are expected to increase to over 30% in the next five years. This brand used to have very impressive revenue growth before the pandemic hit. However, after experiencing the impact of the pandemic, Bibo Mart's business situation was significantly affected: revenue decreased from 1,289 VND billion in 2021 to 995 VND billion in 2022. In previous years, Bibo Mart had been making quite a profit, but in 2022 this chain of stores suddenly suffered a loss of up to 12.9 VND billion.


Soc&Brothers belongs to SNB Kidden World Joint Stock Company, which was established in 2007. Currently, Soc&Brothers has five stores located in prime locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The products here come from many famous domestic and foreign brands, offering a diverse range of high-class items to meet the needs of pregnant mothers and babies.

Besides the traditional form of sales at the store, Soc&Brothers invests heavily in online channels, helping customers to shop quickly and conveniently, such as: website, Facebook fanpage, Zalo, TikTok Shop, and e-commerce platform.

Similar to Bibo Mart, the business situation of Soc&Brothers in 2022 is not very favorable. Although the sales of this chain of stores are on an upward trend, profits are falling sharply. Specifically, in 2020 Soc&Brothers had an extremely good profit of 15.9 VND billion, but by 2022, it suffered a loss of more than 5.7 VND billion.

Shop Tre Tho

Established in 2009, the Mother and Baby Store System Children's Shop is one of the most prestigious suppliers of newborn and mother & baby products in the Vietnamese market. It provides more than 50,000 items and 1,200 major brands worldwide with diverse designs and safe quality.

The revenue of Shop Tre Tho tends to increase slightly year by year. In 2022, Shop Tre Tho recorded a revenue of more than 241,300 VND billion, an increase of 14% compared to 2021. Although the revenue of this retail chain tends to increase, in 2021 due to the severe impact of the pandemic, Shop Tre Tho has suffered a loss of more than 4.8 VND billion. By 2022, although it has been profitable, the profit of this chain of stores is not too high.


Established in 2011, the TutiCare store chain (VEETEX Joint Stock Company) provides a full package of necessary products from the time a mother is pregnant, through childbirth, and for taking care of the baby from 0-5 years old.

In addition, this company also implemented a franchise model of a mother and baby convenience store called Tutie. Tutie is a miniature store model of TutiCare, focusing on convenient and essential products for daily shopping needs.

TutiCare's revenue in 2022 increased slightly compared to the previous year, reaching more than 173,300 VND billion. However, TutiCare's business situation in recent years has not been very favorable. The profit of this chain of stores is extremely low, at only a few tens of VND millions, and even in one year TutiCare suffered a loss of more than 5 VND billion.

Vietnam is a potential market for mother and baby product business services when market sales growth is quite high. However, this is also a big challenge for businesses when the customers of this market are now mostly GenZ generation. This new customer group requires youthfulness, a better customer experience, more complete care and especially knowledge about technology, the demand for online shopping also increases accordingly. With this trend, e-commerce websites and mobile applications are two important keys to the success or failure of a business.

Source: Vietdata's 2022 Mother and baby industry report

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