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Promoting investment attraction and development of industrial zones in Ha Nam province

In 2022, Ha Nam Industrial Zones Management Board granted investment registration certificates to 44 projects with a total registered investment capital of USD 161,735 million and VND 5,834,022 billion; adjusted 58 times projects to increase investment capital. The total newly and additionally invested capital in industrial zones of the province in 2022 is USD 560,375 million and VND 8,366,514 billion.

Itahan Industrial Park, Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province

In 2022, Ha Nam Industrial Parks Management Board has effectively implemented state management of industrial zones; contributing to promoting investment attraction and development of industrial zones in the province.

Promote promotion and attract investment

Determining to attract investment to create motivation for the rapid development of industrial zones in the province, Ha Nam Industrial Park Management Board (Management Board) with the functions and tasks assigned by the province in management and development IPs has always stepped up promotion and investment attraction in industrial zones in the area. With a diversified, rich, focused, and focused investment promotion form of the Management Board, over the past time, Ha Nam has become an attractive destination for large domestic and foreign investors' hearts.

In 2022, the Management Board advised the Provincial People's Committee to successfully organize 3 investment promotion missions in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (China) to introduce and promote the attractive investment environment of Vietnam. Through investment promotion activities, meetings, and exchanges of the delegation, many Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese (China) investors have expressed their interest in Ha Nam and planned to invest in Ha Nam. Conduct research and survey in the province to invest in projects in industry, agriculture, services, education, and training...

In 2022, the Management Board will carry out procedures and coordinate with functional branches in the province to organize 12 delegations to visit and work in the province to learn about cooperation and investment opportunities in the province, including many delegations of countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Denmark...

With the great efforts of the Management Board of Industrial Parks of Ha Nam Province, in 2022, the Management Board has granted investment registration certificates for 44 projects. There are 16 FDI projects and 28 DDI projects, with a total newly registered investment capital of USD 161,735 million and VND 5,834,022 billion; adjusted 172 projects (58 times adjusted to increase investment capital). Total newly and additionally invested capital in 2022 is USD 560,375 million and VND 8,366,514 billion.

Bringing the total number of projects in industrial zones in Ha Nam province up to now is 527 investment projects, of which there are 314 FDI projects and 213 DDI projects with a total registered investment capital of USD 4,837.97 million and VND 41,674.60 billion.

Effective management and implementation of investment projects

Supervision and inspection after the issuance of investment registration certificates in 2022 are paid special attention by the Management Board of Industrial Parks. All projects after being granted investment certificates are guided and urged to fully complete legal procedures, and deploy construction investment according to the registered schedule. Regularly urge, inspect and promptly guide enterprises to adjust investment registration when there is a change in the implementation process in accordance with the provisions of the law.

In 2022, industrial park enterprises have invested in construction and installed machinery and equipment on schedule, ensuring compliance with the approved planning. Realized investment capital of industrial park enterprises is estimated at VND 10,020 billion (including USD 370 million of FDI projects), reaching 93% of the year plan.

During the year, the number of enterprises in industrial zones that completed construction investment installed machinery and equipment, and went into operation was 31, bringing the total number of enterprises that have been put into operation in industrial zones to 436.

The land area allocated to enterprises is 120ha; up to now, the land area allocated to the enterprise is 1,272ha. The land area used by enterprises is 1,002 ha, achieving a land-use efficiency of 78%.

In general, enterprises effectively use the leased land area, expressed by construction density, budget contribution, industrial production value, export value, and labor use per 1 hectare of land.

Chau Son Industrial Park, Ha Nam Province (Source: Internet)

Stable and growing business investment enterprises

In 2022, the situation of production and business activities of enterprises in industrial zones of the province will continue to remain stable and develop. Enterprises in the industrial zone achieved the following main results: Industrial production value reached VND 147,000 billion, reaching 114% over the same period last year and reaching 104% of the year plan; state budget revenue reached VND 5,600 billion; export value reached USD 4,883 million, reaching 134% over the same period last year and reaching 140% of the year plan.

In addition, most of the major products in the industrial zones in 2022 will meet the annual plan targets. Some output products increased sharply compared to the same period last year such as auto parts (up 30%), electrical equipment (up 23%), and electronic equipment components (up 19%) ...

Accumulated by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022, the total number of employees working in industrial zones in Ha Nam province is about 86,005 (including outsourced workers), of which 54,398 female employees, accounting for 63.24% total number of employees.

Implement synchronously and effectively the state management work

In order to achieve the above positive results, thanks to 2022, the Management Board of Ha Nam Industrial Parks has closely coordinated with departments, branches, and localities in the province to effectively implement state management in the fields of industrial zones. in the fields of Investment, environment, planning - construction, enterprises, and labor in industrial zones in Ha Nam province. Thereby, has highly promoted the role and tasks of state management; actively accompanies investors, industrial park infrastructure business units, and enterprises in industrial zones.

In 2022, the planning management, investment, and construction of industrial park infrastructure will be promoted. In 2022, Ha Nam Industrial Parks Management Board advised the Provincial People's Committee to submit to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Planning and Investment a scheme to adjust and supplement the development planning of industrial zones in Ha Nam province; implementing the planning of 1/2000 Dong Van III supporting industrial zone to the east of Cau Gie - Ninh Binh highway; deploying infrastructure investment in Dong Van I Industrial Park to the east of Cau Gie - Ninh Binh expressway, up to now, 124ha/150ha has been cleared, 100ha infrastructure investment in phase I: Leveling 30/ 100 ha, have made the entire internal road to grade K98.

Along with that, infrastructure investors are implementing investment to complete the works of Dong Van I Industrial Park, Dong Van I Industrial Park expanding to the northeast of the Vuc Vong intersection with an area of ​​150ha, Dong Van Industrial Park II, Dong Van III Industrial Park, Dong Van IV Industrial Park, Chau Son Industrial Park, Thanh Liem Industrial Park, Thai Ha Industrial Park (phase I), and Hoa Mac Industrial Park.

Labor management is closely monitored by functional departments of the Management Board. Actively grasp the operation situation of the enterprise and the implementation of regimes and policies for employees; guide the organization of employee conferences and dialogues at the workplace; propagate, disseminate, and guide enterprises to strictly implement the guidelines and policies of the state law on labor work.

In 2022, the Board has granted new work permits to 748 foreign workers, re-issued work permits to 39 foreign workers; extended work permits for 77 foreign workers; confirm 7 Work permits for foreign workers not subject to issuance; revoke 188 work permits; announced labor regulations for 70 enterprises; received overtime work from 11 enterprises.

An employee of Honda Vietnam Company operates a motorcycle assembly line at Dong Van II Industrial Park, Ha Nam province

As a companion of the business, the Management Board always closely monitors all activities of the business to promptly remove difficulties and support the business. In 2022, the Board actively coordinated with the Provincial People's Committee to successfully organize 3 conferences to connect leaders of the Provincial Party Committee to meet and have direct dialogues with businesses; synthesize labor recruitment needs in enterprises in industrial parks, actively coordinate with People's Committees of districts, towns and cities in the province to support enterprises in industrial zones that need to recruit workers to approach and introduce job placement for local workers. Coordinating with Military Commands of districts, towns, and cities to support enterprises in accessing the demobilized army forces in their localities. In 2022, the Board supported the recruitment of 1,132 new employees for enterprises in the industrial park; coordinate with the Trade Union of Industrial Parks to establish 20 new trade unions of enterprises in the IZs, so far there are 299 enterprises in the IZs having trade unions; organized 2 dialogue conferences between Provincial Police, Management Board of IZs and enterprises in Chau Son Industrial Park and Dong Van 1, 2, 3 Industrial Park, Hoa Mac Industrial Park on solving difficulties and problems regarding the security situation. security…

Environmental management, security and order, and fire prevention in industrial zones are regularly monitored, urged, and closely monitored. Ensure IPs strictly comply with the law on environment and fire prevention. Currently, the enterprises have basically performed well in the environmental protection work in accordance with the standards, there have been no incidents of environmental pollution of enterprises in the industrial park. Security and order in the industrial zones continued to be stable, there were no hot spots on security and order, and there were no strikes.

Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam Province

Administrative reform, especially administrative procedure reform, has been strengthened. The Management Board of IZs has actively developed plans on administrative reform, propaganda on administrative reform, control of administrative procedures, and inspection of civil service in 2022; organize the review, amendment, supplement, annulment, or cancellation of administrative procedures when there are changes. Develop a draft decision to announce administrative procedures under the handling competence of the Management Board of IZs and submit it to the Provincial People's Committee for publication the decision. Currently, 100% of cadres, civil servants, and employees strictly implement the application of document management and administration system, all documents are drafted on the system and 100% digitally signed (except for secret text). Continue to effectively implement the electronic single-window system with 100% of administrative procedures reaching levels 3 and 4. Thereby creating favorable conditions and transparency in the implementation of administrative procedures for businesses in the region. From January 1, 2022, to December 22, 2022, the Management Board received and processed 1,791 dossiers, 100% of the dossiers were processed before and on time as prescribed, and no dossiers were overdue...

The work of emulation and commendation goes into depth. The Management Board has developed plans, and programs and effectively implemented emulation and commendation movements of the Sectoral Economic Block and the Emulation Division. Strengthen the leadership, direction, and administration of the Party committees for emulation and commendation work. Promoting well the pioneering and exemplary role of cadres and party members, being the nucleus in grassroots emulation movements, making the emulation movement a profound revolutionary action movement throughout the agency, unit.

The prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic have been implemented and implemented effectively. The Board has proactively and promptly issued documents directing and administering the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, which integrates propaganda, and guidance and requires enterprises in the IZ to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures under the direction of the central government, the People's Committee of Ha Nam province, and actual epidemic situations occurring in localities and enterprises in the industrial zone. Coordinate with the Department of Health to synthesize injection needs and organize vaccination for workers in the industrial park. In 2022, 100% of workers in the industrial zone have received 2 basic doses, 94% of workers have received a booster dose of vaccine 3.71% of workers have received a booster dose of 4.

Continue to successfully implement state management tasks in 2023

The Management Board of Industrial Zones of Ha Nam province said that in 2023, officials, civil servants, and employees of the Management Board will continue to promote their assigned roles and tasks in the state management of industrial zones. Focus on arranging and stabilizing the organization of the apparatus at the unit; actively research and propose important solutions in directing and operating the management and development of industrial zones, specifically:

Finalize and submit to the Provincial People's Committee for approval the Decision on the functions, tasks, and organizational structure of the Management Board of the Industrial Parks.

Issue a plan on rotation and change of working positions; training and retraining plans; payroll plan; administrative reform plan in 2023. Develop and organize the implementation of the program on thrift practice and anti-waste in 2023 ...

Overview of Dong Van IV Industrial Park, Ha Nam province

Implement the formulation of a zoning plan at the scale of 1/2000 of industrial zones in the Scheme on adjustment and supplementation of the development planning of industrial zones in Ha Nam province approved by the Prime Minister. It is expected that there will be 3-4 IPs that will implement investment preparation steps in 2023 and 1-2 new IPs will start to invest in infrastructure construction and investment attraction.

Developing the Investment Promotion Program in 2023 of the Province; advising and organizing highly effective investment promotion activities in countries: Japan, Korea, USA... to introduce and invite investors to invest in industrial zones of the province.

Develop a plan to attract investment in the period of influence of the global economic recession; Prepare content for domestic and foreign investment promotion activities.

Advise organizing a dialogue conference with businesses in industrial zones on the security and order situation in 2023.

Implement well the reform of administrative procedures according to the program and plan registered with the Province; actively coordinate with relevant departments and branches to strictly and fully implement the 10 commitments of the province to investors.

Regularly inspecting and grasping the implementation of projects and achieving the objectives in the Investment Certificate; timely analyze, synthesize, and provide solutions to remove difficulties for enterprises, as well as take appropriate handling measures for projects that do not comply with commitments.

Implement effectively the reform of administrative procedures in the direction of simplification, publicity, and transparency, creating the best conditions for enterprises when investing in industrial zones; strengthen the application of information technology in handling administrative procedures, striving for 100% of administrative procedures to be resolved at levels 3 and 4; implement the digital transformation plan of the agency or unit.

Continue to propagate and mobilize businesses to synchronously implement measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. Synchronously implement solutions to remove difficulties and accompany businesses to develop, especially in supporting businesses affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Coordinate and urge relevant sectors and units to promote synchronous construction and stable provision of supporting services for industrial development such as electricity, water, and telecommunications services...; supporting enterprises in labor recruitment, consulting, and disseminating policies and laws for employees.

Support enterprises to overcome difficulties, constantly improve production and business efficiency, ensure benefits for employees, and fully implement regimes and policies with the State and employees.

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